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04/25/2013 11:03
  ANN on Broadway starring   Holland Taylor   I love Broadway, this is no secret.  I admit I usually spend my Broadway budget on musical's because I really love music.   However, I recently saw a piece on CBS "Sunday Morning" about a new one-woman...

Bethenny vs. Jason - This is so sad.

04/24/2013 10:57
  Pacific Coast News/WENN According to RadarOnline (link below) Bethenny and Jason are fighting for full custody of Bryn.  This is sad. It's one thing to fight over property its another to battle over their child. Unless one of the parents is known to be abusive to the...

Real Housewives Of Orange County Episode 4. IT'S NOT BULLYING!

04/23/2013 09:20
  I know this verges on ridiculous but I think it needs to be addressed one more time.  People are still confused about what the word bully means and what it implies.   A bully is someone who threatens, intimidates or causes harm to get one’s way.   A child, who has no...

Reese Witherspoon Drunk!

04/22/2013 14:29
  Everyone by now has probably read about Reese Witherspoon's unfortunate drunken run in with the law.  She was arrested for obstruction when she mouthed off to the police.   Many of you know I do not drink.  I also really don't like spending a lot of time with sloppy drunks....

MomsThoughts Proudly Welcomes Alicia Minshew!

04/22/2013 09:08
We all loved Alicia Minshew in the role of Kendall on the daytime hit drama "All My Children" !  Now we will have a chance to catch up with Ms. Minshew and find out what she has been up to since All My Children went off the air.  There have been a lot of exciting things happening for her!...

New Real Housewives of New Jersey Video!

04/19/2013 20:09
Here is the promo for the upcoming season!!  What do you think?  Who'll be watching on June 2nd? 

My Big Gay Italian Wedding

04/19/2013 08:42
      My Big Gay Italian Wedding is one big, funny, Italian family’s journey to the alter.  We meet Anthony who is a gay man in a traditional Italian family.  After breaking the good news to his family that he is engaged, he tries to convince them why he is deserving of a...

BAM! Instant volume! Its Got2b Powderful!

04/18/2013 22:51
    I admit it.  I was both skeptical and intrigued.  A little sprinkle of magic fairy dust would turn my fine, limp hair into full luscious locks??     I dried my hair.  I added the magic dust.  I could instantly feel the difference....

Colgate Optic White

04/17/2013 16:31
  A big THUMBS UP for Colgate Optic White! I came to know about Colgate Optic White on Twitter!  Yes, Twitter.  They had a Twitter party during the Oscars and it was a lot of fun!  I was chosen as a “winner” and Colgate said they were sending me a prize!  YAY!   I...


04/17/2013 16:03
Thumbs Down for Swiffer! A couple weeks ago, Swiffer launched a program to select candidates to test their newest product.  You had to provide all your information, you had to swear to keep it secret AND you had to commit to be home the week of April 8-13 to receive the product.   As...
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