Bethenny vs. Jason - This is so sad.

04/24/2013 10:57


Pacific Coast News/WENN
Pacific Coast News/WENN

According to RadarOnline (link below) Bethenny and Jason are fighting for full custody of Bryn.  This is sad. It's one thing to fight over property its another to battle over their child. Unless one of the parents is known to be abusive to the child or negligent to the point it impacts the child's safety, parents should share custody.  A child is entitled to both parents.  A child needs both parents.  I doubt either of these two would ever doing anything to intentionally harm Bryn but fighting like this will impact Bryn in the long run. Children aren't trophies you "win" or bargaining tools you use or weapons you wield. Its wrong. Its childish. Its selfish. And it breaks my heart for all of them. I feel like they both need to stop listening to lawyers and just think about what is best for this child.

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