Reese Witherspoon Drunk!

04/22/2013 14:29

Reese Witherspoon Mugshot


Everyone by now has probably read about Reese Witherspoon's unfortunate drunken run in with the law.  She was arrested for obstruction when she mouthed off to the police.   Many of you know I do not drink.  I also really don't like spending a lot of time with sloppy drunks.  That said, I am giving Reese Witherspoon a pass on this episide.  Obviously she was out celebrating with her husband and had a few too many.  It happens.  As far as we know, it doesn't happen a lot with her.  Either that, or she has an amazing publicist who has kept it all out of the press.  But, as far as we know,  this is her first outrageous act of public drunkeness.  She had enjoyed a stellar career and seems like a genuinely caring, loving friend, wife and mother.  So, I say she gets one "get out of jail free" card on this.  What do you say???   One the other hand...her husband does not!  Drunk driving - even once - is NOT ok.  Ever.  Period.  For details of her arrest visit


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