04/17/2013 16:03

Thumbs Down for Swiffer!

A couple weeks ago, Swiffer launched a program to select candidates to test their newest product.  You had to provide all your information, you had to swear to keep it secret AND you had to commit to be home the week of April 8-13 to receive the product.  

As you know, I love trying new things and giving my honest opinion.  I signed up.  

I waited for a delivery that week.  It never came.  I posted on their facebook inquiring as to the status.  They told me “MORE PACKAGES ARE GOING OUT AND WILL BE DELIVERED MONDAY OR TUESDAY!”  WooHoo!  Everyone on the page was excited.  There was still hope!! But the fact is, there was no reason to hope and Swiffer knew this already. They knew already that an email had been sent to recipients. Swiffer chose to allow people to think they were possibly getting a package thereby encouraged them to wait at home for the delivery.

On Tuesday I sent them a message:

Basically, they knew all the emails went out - only to those who were chosen - and they had no intention to let the others know even though it would just take a simple Facebook status update. Not only did they not want to post a status update, they were actually still misleading people to believe there was still the possibility they would be receiving a package!  Remember, they required all the people to be at home in order to get their package.  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let their loyal consumers know.  They did try to placate me with a “gift”.  When I asked if they would let these people know, they failed to respond to me.  Guess I am not getting my fan gift!  ha!  

But this sort of thing bugs me for two reasons.  It is mean.  I don’t know what they think they gain by wasting their consumers time, but it is not necessary and it is not nice.  This also bugs me because they fail to appreciate the impact these consumers have on their networks.  Influence works both ways.  A consumer can positively impact a brand but they can also negatively impact a brand.  This campaign left a really bad taste in my mouth.  I actually went out and bought myself a new O’Cedar! (I will post a review soon)  Good-bye Swiffer!  

Here is a link for $5.00 off O'Cedar's new O'Duster. (I am not in any way affiliated with O'Cedar and have not been given any product to review by them.)

Here is another problem with Swiffer that earns them my first Thumbs Down.  Look at a small picture of their corporate Facebook, its a mess:

One poster is says Swiffer products are terrible and bad for the environment and anyone who uses them are lazy!   

There are MANY MANY posts about waiting for the product, hoping they are selected, etc....  This meant a lot to people who are sitting home hoping to be chosen.  

And I love the big SPAM post right there on the left!  This is just one snippet of their Facebook, the whole page is like this. They are a cleaning product company and their Facebook is a mess!  

Bottom Line:  Swiffer gets the Thumbs Down for customer service, consumer appreciation and corporate social media management.