My Big Gay Italian Wedding

04/19/2013 08:42




My Big Gay Italian Wedding is one big, funny, Italian family’s journey to the alter.  We meet Anthony who is a gay man in a traditional Italian family.  After breaking the good news to his family that he is engaged, he tries to convince them why he is deserving of a traditional wedding.  His mother has just 2 simple requests.   From there, hilarity ensues.  

As Anthony, his friends and family embark on this mission to pull off a traditional wedding, we laugh and we cheer Anthony and Andrew on!  We want this wedding to happen!  This is when it hits most people why marriage equality is so important.  The show doesn’t preach or beat you over the head with this message, instead they win you over with love and laughter.

All the characters in this show will keep you laughing from start to finish.  There is often an ad-libbed line or two that keeps the show fresh.  The actors all deliver memorable performances, every time.  It’s quickly apparent, the ensemble cast is a very close family and for an evening, you get to join the family.  On occasion, the cast welcomes notables celebrities to help deliver laughter and support marriage equality!  The celebrities who have appeared include Lance Bass, Tabatha Coffey, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Cast members from Mob Wives and Michael Buckley, just to name a few. Alicia Minshew (“All My Children” alum) is scheduled to appear in May, 2013.  Regular celebrity cast members include the incomparable Judy Torres and Kim Sozzi.  

My Big Gay Italian Wedding is written by Anthony Wilkinson and Directed by Sonia Blangiardo.

It is a great Off-Broadway show at the St. Luke’s Theater which is located on the lovely “Restaurant Row”.  If you are looking for an evening full of smiles and laughter, this is the show for you.

** Coming soon: My Big Gay Italian Funeral!