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Justin vs Justin

07/18/2012 15:26
As discussed on this week's MomsThoughts Show - Did Justin Bieber rip off Justin Timberlake?  "Girlfriend" vs "Boyfriend"  see videos here:

I'm a Bloom Ambassador!

07/10/2012 23:03
I am a Bloom Beauty Ambassador!  So?  What is a Bloom Beauty Ambassador?  Its actually pretty cool. sends me new, interesting products every month and I get to try them!  I know!  How cool is that?  What's the catch?  I have to tell you what I...

Podcasts Now Available on iTunes!

07/03/2012 22:31
The MomsThoughts Show Podcast are now available on iTunes.  Of course, these podcasts are free!   Enjoy!    

Good Morning Texas Shout Out To MomsThoughts!

06/25/2012 14:13 That is right!  Anthony Wilkinson, who does the Monday OMG! segment on Good Morning Texas gave a super big, nice Shout Out to MomsThoughts!  Thank you Anthony!  

Get the Phone APP!

06/24/2012 08:47
Did you know you can listen to The MomsThoughts Show podcasts on your smartphone or ipad?  Just grab the SPREAKER app from you app store or go to and get the phone app! (The links are at the bottom of the page)  All you have to do is search for The...

The MomsThoughts Show Goes Live! First Guest Announced!

06/19/2012 07:53
The MomsThoughts Show goes LIVE on June 20, 2012!  The first guest on the new live MomsThoughts Show will be Kim Pirrella!  Kim Pirrella is best known for her widely acclaimed radio show "The Ordinary and Extraordinary" as well as her fun and "real" cooking vlogs.  Kim can also be...

Write to us with your feedback

05/26/2012 01:14
Would you like to participate in an upcoming show?  Do you have a topic you would like discussed on The MomsThoughts™ Show?   Visit the Feedback page!   I want to hear from you! 

Welcome to Our New Website

05/26/2012 01:13
I am proud to announce the launch of my new website. My goal here is to keep you up to date with the latest information on The MomsThoughts Show as well as guest information and upcoming shows!   Be sure to check back often. The MomsThoughts™ Show's success comes as a result of your...
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