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Lock Med -The Safety Product No Home Should Be Without!

05/05/2013 08:57
Last week the Drug Enforcement Agency, in conjunction with local governments, hosted another drug drop off.  This is a completely anonymous drug drop off program aimed at getting rid of  unused, unneeded, prescription medication.  You can’t flush medication or just throw it in the...

Week 1 April 29 - May 3

05/05/2013 08:23
  What a fun week for the launch of All My Children and One Life To live.  I will admit, I have always been an All My Children's fan.  I have nothing against One Life To Live, I've just tried to limit my addictions!  (If anyone would like to blog on One Life To Here for my...

American Idol Is No Longer In It To Win It

05/04/2013 09:24
    I have to.  I have to go there.  American Idol is losing ground...people are losing interest.  The genre has become so diluted with a marketplace saturated with talent contests.  I get why American Idol has resorted to “stunt casting”.  They hire big name...

Influence Is A Two Way Street

05/04/2013 08:06
  Influenster is a program where ordinary folks review products.  You are asked to take surveys, review products, ask and answer questions, participate in social media events (like Twitter parties, which I really don't like by the way)  You are asked to share, share, share....

Amanda Bynes - Another Cautionary Tale

05/04/2013 07:22
    Sad.  That is the word that comes to mind when I think about Amanda Bynes.  This woman is unraveling in front of everyone and yet she seems very alone.  Where are all her people?  I suspect there were plenty people available to go to movie premieres and red...

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?

05/03/2013 08:32
  The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong? If you are anything like me, the recent events of Steubenville and Rutgers are weighing heavily on your mind.  If you think the two aren’t related, I ask you reconsider.   Same-sexed role model’s are the most influential in a...

Bloom Nail Art Contest

05/02/2013 13:45
  NAIL ART CONTEST ON BLOOM!     Are you great at nail art?  This is a super fun contest!  Just follow the instructions below!  And if you want, let me know about your entries, and I will give you a shout out.  :)    If you are a little artistically...

Bloom Featured in New York Times!

05/02/2013 13:22     Skin Deep Online, Everyone Can Be a Makeup Critic Coco Masuda By TATIANA BONCOMPAGNI Published: May 1, 2013   Matin Maulawizada, a...

Alicia Minshew Appearing in My Big Gay Italian Wedding!

05/02/2013 08:34
For Ticket Information Visit

Alicia Minshew appearing in My Big Gay Italian Wedding!

05/02/2013 08:01
For Ticket Information Visit
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