BAM! Instant volume! Its Got2b Powderful!

04/18/2013 22:51



I admit it.  I was both skeptical and intrigued.  A little sprinkle of magic fairy dust would turn my fine, limp hair into full luscious locks??  
I dried my hair.  I added the magic dust.  I could instantly feel the difference.  It felt almost..... a little tacky, but soft.  And then I was able to style my hair, twist it, move it,  and it plumped up.  This was fun!!  So I took it to the next level.  I grabbed my curling iron, added a few curls to ends and BAM!  Flat and plain was full of style!  
I would have given it 5 stars but instead I give it 4.5 stars.  There is an unusual feel to it.  It feels like it would be hard to brush, like it has too much mousse in it or something - but oddly, it isn't stiff to brush at all.  I suppose I just have to get accustomed to the feeling.  
I do love that it comes in such a compact little shaker.  It's easy to store in a purse for quick boosts!  I totally recommend it!  



Join the powder revolution

"Women know — fine hair isn’t all that fine when it’s falling flat. And almost every hair type could benefit from some texture and lift. Thankfully, göt2b POWDER’ful was created with your hair’s best interests in mind. The innovative volumizing styling powder instantly takes hair to new heights, delivering pronounced volume, radical root lift, amazing texture and flexible control. All in just 10 seconds!

Formulated with virtually weightless micro-particles, this salon-quality powder texturizes the surface of your hair, creating maximum volume at your roots. There’s no powdery residue or stiffness, just the freedom to create modern, edgy ‘dos with an undeniable wow factor. Apply anytime, anywhere for an immediate transformation. Hello, hair envy!" - got2b


BuzzAgent just gave me this new got2b volumizing powder to test and review!!  Hair POWDER?  I'm game!   #GotItFree