Colgate Optic White

04/17/2013 16:31


A big THUMBS UP for Colgate Optic White!

I came to know about Colgate Optic White on Twitter!  Yes, Twitter.  They had a Twitter party during the Oscars and it was a lot of fun!  I was chosen as a “winner” and Colgate said they were sending me a prize!  YAY!  

I have a problem with the whitening strips, I have sensitive teeth and using most whitening strips make my teeth hurt.  Unless you have experienced this sensation, you probably have no idea how miserable it can be.  

I was anticipating a little box of toothpaste.  You can imagine my surprise when a big box FULL of Colgate Optic White products arrived!  I have toothpaste, mouthwash and their newly designed toothbrushes to last quite a while and to share!  Colgate was VERY generous.  

They are fun and responsive on Twitter.  They deliver.  They deliver big.  This all gets my THUMBS UP, but it wouldn’t be enough to get a THUMBS UP  just because they are  good at social media.  I am happy to tell you they also have a quality  product.  The whitening really happens.  I noticed a difference in a few days!  The products do not hurt my teeth.  I also love that the mouthwash has peroxide, I feel like it really cleans my entire mouth.  It is for ALL these reasons I give Colgate Optic White a big THUMBS UP!