Real Housewives of New Jersey Special WWHL

05/20/2013 11:55


I want to share with you just some of my impressions about last night's “Watch What Happens Live Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell All” Special.  


My very first impression was if “yeah” was the drinking word of the day, there would be a LOT of cases of alcohol poisoning.  Watch and count how many times Andy Cohen says “yeah”.  Its funny!  

All the women share their favorite moments of filming the Real Housewives.  Caroline is sentimental about what the show has meant to Albie and the fans support.  Jacqueline enjoys the moments of laughter with Teresa. Melissa talks about laughing when she was screaming like an idiot about tadpoles! (ha! really?  tadpoles?)  And then we have Teresa.  Her favorite moment of the Real Housewives was “being a New York Times Best Selling Author”  That isn’t a moment.  That is just flat out bragging.  That was never a moment on the show other than when she bragged about it.   This is a typical ego-centric, narcissistic personality type of answer.  

Andy brings up the ridiculous issue surrounding “On Display”.  I am sorry, but ONLY a person with narcissistic personality disorder would be able to think a song is about them AND acknowledge that publicly.  Even if others try to tell you, most people are humble enough to dismiss the idea.  These moments are so revealing about Teresa’s personality.

What is interesting is that when challenged she will blame it on Tweeters.  The Tweeters told her On Display was written about her.  The Tweeters told her Caroline was a bully.  I know tweeters also tell her she is a sociopath, but she never acknowledges those sort of comments as Gospel truth!  Interesting....

There was discussion about the “switch” that is flipped, when she loses control.  She attributes it to being in “her blood”.  As if it were excusable because it is some sort of uncontrollable genetic coding like being gay or having blue eyes.  As if she is not at all accountable for that because it is genetic.  

That is the big difference, when the other women lose their shit (and we all do at times)  They have all apologized, acknowledged their behavior was embarrassing, accept responsibility for it and try to do better.  They all have the “switch”  The difference is the others are remorseful.  

Another demonstration of the narcissism is when we see Tre with Kathy in the hot tub and Kathy is trying (in vain) to help smooth things over with Caroline by pointing out how supportive Caroline has been in the past.  Teresa’s response is very narcissistic, it is not a typical response.  Aside from the horrendous grammar, “I don’t need nobody”,  we again see how Teresa refuses to accept that anyone ever deserves credit for ANYTHING.  In her mind, that would somehow make her “less than”.  If someone else is praised, it means she is diminished in her mind. That is not how normal people think or view the world.   (Considering how she “don’t need nobody” she sure is pretty good at using people though...just sayin...oh SNAP!)


We see moments of all the cast behaving badly.  They have all had incidents.  We all have.  We accept it, apologize and move on.  That is what we all do.  How many times have we seen Tre say “I was wrong.  I am sorry, I am not proud of that, I wish I didn’t say that”???  They all push each other’s buttons, have moments that are ridiculous and that makes for good tv.  Ya know what is going to be really good tv?  When Joe Guidice goes on trial and Tre loses her shit in a courtroom!  Let’s see if her “genetic condition” rears its ugly head during the trial!  Now that will be good tv!

I thought it was incredibly generous of Melissa to fly home from Napa with Tre despite their history.  Melissa showed a generosity of character.  She did the right thing.  I do not think I would be as generous in all honesty.

Tre likes to point out that Caroline is older - in a way to imply that it is a bad thing.  I think Caroline looks fantastic!  Amazing.  I have seen her close up and she is gorgeous.  Her skin is flawless.  With age comes a grace and wisdom.  Caroline wears her integrity and honesty well.  She radiates class, restraint and the compassion of a mother.

It was very funny to watch them play the “what comes to your mind first” game.  It is a big challenge when your mind is an empty chamber.

For the most part, I thought the women looked great.  Jacqueline talked about her plastic surgery (neck lift and tummy tuck).  Kathy’s hair looks lighter and really flattering. I would like to see just a little less makeup on Kathy. Less is definitely more at a certain age and Kathy is so beautiful, let that beauty shine.   Melissa’s hair is also lighter and she is just a gorgeous girl.  I absolutely loved her dress.  I wish Caroline had different glasses.  I think the black rims are too harsh and they fall in a bad place on her face - they cut off her eyes right in the middle.  I think a frame that is a little lighter and sits higher would look better.  I think Tre’s hair and makeup was predictably too harsh and too much.  She is still greasing up with that slick, shiney, bronzer. I would like to see a slightly thinner and lighter eyebrow, lighter hair and less face makeup.  Her dress and necklace were nice.  

There you have it.  My impressions of last night.  Did I get it right?  What did I miss?  Do you agree?



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