Week 1 April 29 - May 3

05/05/2013 08:23


What a fun week for the launch of All My Children and One Life To live.  I will admit, I have always been an All My Children's fan.  I have nothing against One Life To Live, I've just tried to limit my addictions!  (If anyone would like to blog on One Life To Here for my site, please contact me at momsthoughts1@aol.com)  

This week was a big week of catching up.  The most compelling story lines are that evil Dr. David returning.  Has he been reformed?  Will Cara tell him what happened to their child?  Will he choke JR or bring him back to life?  

Jesse Hubbard's daughter has been kidnapped by the Russian's!  (I never was big on crazy international spy/mob storylines...but let's see how this plays out.)   The bad guy turns out was working for Zak!  And that is why Kendall left Zak.  Not sure I buy this.  Zak has been in so many businesses.  He is really going to lose his family to hold on to a casino?  There has to be more to this story....what am I missing?  

I love all the young people.  I love the Miranda/AJ storyline.  Young love in the Springtime.  Will they ever get together or stay life long friends?  The Petey/ school girl storyline is a little odd.  She wears a uniform to tutor?  Who does that?  Was this a cheap excuse to play on some weird school girl fantasy men have?  Is Petey really some gross perv with little girl fetish?  And is her anonymous "guardian" another perv with school girl fantasies?  What's with all the secrecy? The girl just wants to do volunteer work!  with Brooke English who is the pillar of society!  

Did you watch the Friday recap?  I loved it!  What a fun idea!  What do you think of the 30 minute format?