06/23/2013 12:37

I will try just about anything if it promises to keep my make up looking the way it does the moment I finish applying it.  You know how it is, you work at reaching make up perfection: applying just the right amount, just the right color, with just the right tool....and then check yourself in the mirror at intermission and half of it has vanished into the great unknown, some has smudged and landed in places never intended, etc....  How could I resist a product that promises to keep your make up in place all night??  

According to Urban Decay's website their All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray will  "Put your look on lockdown. This  setting spray keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours (no melting, fading or settling into fine lines.)"  

It is applied to your finished face like you would apply hairspray to your finished hair.  A few mists around your face, allow to dry and viola!   It does seem to keep make up in place, for the most part.  I do still get some eye make up smuding.  (This is the bain of my existence!  I use smudge-proof, waterproof eye make and still, I get smudges under my eyes!)  And some of my cheek color does fade a little and some concealer and shadow do begin to look a little creased and collects in the fine lines however, it is better than without using this product.  I bought the trial size bottle for $14.00 and it has lasted 3 months so far with plenty left.  It also feels great - cool and refreshing mist!  

I would like to see a mist like this with a matifying agent included also.  Anything that can minimize shine is a good thing.  Would I buy again, yes.  


*****UPDATE: A reader and beauty blogger just told me about another product from Urban Decay that sets make up and mattifies!  It is called De-Slick!  I have to try this!!