Unbroken Circle

06/06/2013 07:41

Unbroken Circle

by James Wesley

Clearly this piece of work is a labor of love for James Wesley with the support of his husband Seth Rudetsky and daughter Juli Wesley.  You can see and feel this family's dedication to the play. 


According to the program, the story is loosely based on Wesley's own family.  "Unbroken Circle" takes place in the family home deep in the heart of Texas.  In the first act we meet a funny, loving, typical southern family who has just returned from the patriarch's  funeral.  We are introduced to the family members along with some of their quirky, funny and dysfunctional flaws.  It isn't until the second act that the family secrets are revealed, with one devastating shock after another. 

Stand out performances in this production were Anika Larson (Edna).  Ms. Larson was brilliantly believable and understated.  Eve Plumb (June) moved effortlessly through a range of emotions. Her understated comedic approach was thoroughly enjoyable. Suzanna Hay (Ruby) had  the most physical role.  Her commitment to the character and dedication to the story is admirable.  Lori Hammel, Stacy Bone-Gleason, James and Juli Wesley all brought solid captivating performances.  The cast was cohesive and moved with the timing of a real family. ( I'd also like to include here a special nod to the lighting and stage director, they turned the small stage into a real family home.)


I enjoyed the play and the story.   "Unbroken Circle" tackles a difficult subject with tenderness.  The play provokes a range of emotions.  It was at times funny, serious, sad and shocking.  I would recommend this piece of work for older teens and adults.


"Unbroken Circle" is at the St. Luke's Theater, w.308 46th Street, NYC, NY.   For additional information visit www.unbrokencircletheplay.com

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