TimeSeal Consealer

04/10/2013 09:19


TimeSeal Concealer

Is TimeSeal Concealer the miracle I have been waiting for??

(please note: UPDATE from TimeSeal at the end of my review)

When I first learned about TimeSeal Concealer, I was intrigued.  When they offered to send me one to review, I was elated!  

You see, TimeSeal boasts that its Anti-Aging, All-In-One Concealer has 7 unique anti-aging ingredients (including “BioFirm 7 Complex), improves under eye skin at the cellular level, it is lightweight and natural looking and its available in 4 colors!  Who wouldn’t be excited?  I have a unique situation in that under one eye I have a dark freckle plus I sustained an injury under the same eye years ago and that left the area under that eye slightly darker than the other. 

The Pros: The concealer goes on effortlessly.  It has a nice powdery finish.  It wears well for hours. It eliminates the need for wrinkle cream around the eyes.  The coverage is good.  It stays in place and is so simple to apply.  It didn’t get cakey looking.  It is oil free and long wearing. The compact is especially nice as it includes a little mirror for quick touchups on the go! 

The Cons:  I did not notice any significant difference in wrinkles.  I have only been using it for a week, so perhaps over time it will be more apparent.  I also didn’t get enough coverage.  This may be a problem all my own.  I have been on a quest to find a concealer that actually hides my dark under eye area.  I may be overly obsessed.  This gave good coverage but no better or worse than other good concealers I have tried.  Also, I used the lightest color available and it was a shade or two too dark for me.  

The Bottomline:  This is a quality concealer that does double duty to improve your under eye area.  The finish is lovely.  If you don’t require serious under eye coverage, this is a product worthy of a try! If you are fair skinned like me, the lightest color may be too dark.  Would I purchase this?  Yes, if I could get a lighter shade.  I love the soft powdery finish, I love that its oil-free and long wearing. I also like the benefit of anti-aging built in, even if it might take some time before I notice the effects.  


TimeSeal Cosmetics reached out to me to let me know they will be adding a lighter shade!  I can look forward to the new shade “Ivory” in about 6 months!  Now, I am officially excited.  I can’t wait to try it and share with all of you!  In the meantime, unless you are a very fair Irish Lassie like me, please visit their website, learn more about this innovative product and try it out for yourself! 

Please visit TimeSeal Concealer at https://timesealcosmetics.com/frontpage/




Image source: https://timesealcosmetics.com/frontpage/

Time seal provided me with this concealer for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.