The Day I Became A Soap Star Part 1

08/01/2013 19:37

Ok, I really didn't become a soap star, but I did feel like one!  I was recently invited to film a scene with the cast of the new drama "Tainted Dreams".   Suffice it to say, this experience will take more than one blog!  I thought I would start today by giving a big shout out to the Hair and Make Up team!!!  


I am a rookie.  I have never filmed a television show. I got up early to do all my own makeup only to arrive "on set" (I love using trade jargon!) to find there was a entire Hair and Make Up team to handle this.  As everyone arrived with fresh, clean faces, I showed up in full makeup. Yeah, I was definitely in over my head. Here I am in the cab on my way to the filming location


I arrived on set not knowing what to expect.  It was a chaotic looking scene of equipment, wires, people, lights, etc...  I certainly didn't want to be the girl to do or say something wrong so I just looked for a familiar face.  I found some friends and headed to the "sanctuary" aka the hair and makeup room!  This is where everyone goes upon arrival and where everyone seemed to congregate.  I assumed the hair and make up people were reserved for the stars and I felt so honored to be able to watch!!  The lovely Alicia Minshew ("All My Children") was getting her make up done.  She could not have been nicer and allowed me to take pictures!  


I was soaking in every moment.  Finally I worked up the courage to confess to one of the make up artists that I had done my own make up.  I didn't want to be the girl whose make up looks hideous on camera.  What do I know about camera ready make up?  She reassured me that I had done a good job!  She already looked at me and thought I did a good job!  But...they would do a little tweaking!  (YAY!)    


After watching these beautiful, seasoned actors come and go, I finally saw a moment when a chair was open.  I asked if they had a moment for me.  They did!  I loved sitting there as this artist went to work!  It is just so fun to know you are in the capable hands of a professional.  As I sat there, I could hear Alicia Minshew and Larkin Malloy behind me talking about their days and characters on "All My Children" .  As a long time fan, this was a surreal moment for me!   The artist worked her magic and I was transformed!  With a few "tweeks" my look was perfected (well, as perfected as I can get) .   Sadly, in my excitement, I neglect to ask questions about what products were used and what was done to tweak my look.  I am returning to the set next week and hoping I can remember then to get all this vital information.  I also forgot the name of the lovely and talented woman who did such an awesome job.  (You can see her below working on the beautiful Debra Toscano!  Also in this picture is Billboard Chart Topper Kim Sozzi!)  


Here I am with the gorgeous Meagan Robar with my new make up!!  


As the morning went on, I had also been watching Wayne, the hair genius, work his magic on all the actors.  He is such a nice, friendly, and super talented man.  As I sat there, trying to blend in with the others, he pointed at me and called me over to his chair!!!  WOW!  YAY!  I love getting my hair done!  I am such a willing participant when it comes to my hair.  "Do what ever you want, just make me look great!"  (I don't ask too much, do it???)    I was now in the very capable hands of Wayne Vincent Bilotti !  He started brushing, curling, spraying, blowdrying....then he asked "Would it be ok if I cut your hair"  OK?  It would be more than ok!!!  WOW!  Next thing I know, hair is flying and Wayne Vincent Bilotti is whipping through my hair with the precision and abandon of Edward Scissorhands! 


After he worked his magic, Colleen Zenk happened to walked by.  (YES!  THE Colleen Zenk from As The World Turns)  Ms. Zenk says "That's a great haircut"!!  OMG!  OMG!  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!   Thank you Wayne Bilotti!  You didn't just cut my hair, you filled me with confidence!  I was ready for my close up!  

The hair and make up people at Tainted Dreams are such talented professionals.  They were so friendly and treated little old me like a star.  I was so impressed with their skill and talent.  I was even more impressed with their patience and kindness.  Thank you all for making me feel like a star!  


Stay tuned for PART 2 in my series "The Day I Became A Soap Star"!