Is Teresa Giudice Getting Paid In Cash?

07/11/2013 18:16

According to the website RadarOnline, Teresa Giudice could be in more hot water. reports:  

"Teresa Giudice once filed for bankruptcy but has exclusively learned that one way she supplements her income is that she gets paid cash to make personal appearances.The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is one of the highest paid ladies of all the franchises, but a source said that she makes big bucks when she shows up for certain promotional events.“Teresa will go to a book signing or a café or party and she getspaid cash by people that arrange her appearance, not Bravo but other people,” a source close to the reality star said.“She shows up, she gets a lot of attention for the place and then at the end of the night she’s given an envelope and that is cash for her. Straight cash, not a check or anything.”

I thought Lindsay Lohan was a cautionary tale for all?  Has Teresa learned nothing from Lindsay?  According to  FoxNews this is exactly how Ms. Lohan found herself in  trouble with the tax man!

 " Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again, but this time it’s not with the District Attorney -- it's with the taxman. A source close to the star tells us payments Lohan routinely receives to appear at clubs and events are being scrutinized by the IRS. Why? Lots of celebs receive appearance fees, and there's nothing wrong or illegal about it. In Lohan's case, however, the star routinely demands to be paid in cash, which it is then up to her to declare as income.“For years Lindsay has been making money doing things like nightclub and party appearances and always requests to be paid in cash,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “That’s really not that uncommon, but it’s up to her to declare it. And that’s where the problem is…"

Is Teresa reporting all those pretty envelops filled with cash that she reportedly receives at all of her appearances?   Is there a reward for dropping a dime on a potential tax cheat?  Does the IRS read RadarOnline?  

This story could get very interesting very quickly....