Terri Ivens Joins The Cast of Tainted Dreams

07/02/2013 16:52

It is official!  Ms. Terri Ivens is joining the cast at "Tainted Dreams"!!  She will also be joining me on The MomsThoughts Show on July 17, 2013 1:00pm EST.  



For Immediate Release

NEW YORK CITY, June 27, 2013 – News of Terri Ivens (“Simone Torres,” All My

Children) joining the cast of NYC Brand Production’s Tainted Dreams, brings the

current total of popular All My Children alumni appearing in Tainted Dreams to

four including: Alicia Minshew (“Kendall Hart,” AMC), Michael Lowry (“Jake

Martin,” AMC), and Walt Willey (“Jackson Montgomery,” AMC). Could there be

more? Creator and executive producer of NYC Brand Production’s Tainted

Dreams, Sonia Blangiardo leaves us guessing, but teases, “Yes, there will be



Terri Ivens spilled the juicy news about joining the all-star cast of Tainted Dreams

to Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens, and shortly after, longtime friends and

former AMC cast mates, Ivens and Alicia Minshew took to Twitter in the following

hilarious exchange:


When asked about the Twitter exchange, Blangiardo replied, “Tainted Dreams

explores what goes on after the director says, ‘Cut,’ and that includes every thing

from the giggling, inside jokes among best pals to full-blown backstage

Machiavellian mayhem and everything in between. Reuniting so many former

cast mates brings another layer of realism to the behind-the-scenes aura we are

trying to recreate with Tainted Dreams.”


According to Blangiardo, “Ivens will play the role of ‘Kassandra Bentley,’ an inyour-

face, manipulative actress who stars in Tainted Dreams’ soap within the

soap, Painted Dreams. Minshew will play ‘Angelica Caruso,’ Painted Dreams’

senior producer who is stuck trying to deal with all the backstage chaos actors

like Iven’s ‘Kassandra’ leave in their wake.”


Actor, author, producer and radio host, Terri Ivens is still best known for

her portrayal of “Simone Torres” on ABC's daytime drama All My Children, but

she has been an entertainment professional since the age of 10. As a teen, she

worked with Matthew Perry on FOX's Boys Will Be Boys, Neil Patrick Harris on

ABC's Doogie Howser M.D., Jennifer Love Hewitt on ABC's Byrds of Paradise

and Mariel Hemingway on ABC's Civil Wars. She also had pilot spin-offs for

Roseanne, Baywatch and Married with Children.


Film credits for Ivens include Chicks Dig Gay Guys, Roger Corman's

Piranhaconda, Untold, Marked for Death, Trancers 4 & 5 and Jimmy Hollywood.

Additionally, she serves as co-producer of the upcoming film Borrowed Moments

starring Brian Krause and Vanessa Marcil.


Ivens is also set to debut her new late night talk show with Universal

Broadcasting Network (UBN). Her new radio show called, Going to Bed with Terri

Ivens will air at 9 p.m. in L.A. and midnight in New York. Ivens has also recently

finished writing two books for a tween series.

Tainted Dreams begins filming in and around NYC in late July.


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television, Internet, video and live theatrical shows. For more information on NYC

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