What is Tainted Dreams and Why Do I Care?

05/14/2013 11:42




What is Tainted Dreams and Why Do I Care?  


Tainted Dreams is a show about the making of a daytime drama.  It’s a look into the drama that ensues behind the scenes at a soap and from what I hear, the behind the scenes drama is every bit as compelling as the scripted drama.  


Why do I care so much about this show in particular?  One reason is the creative genius behind it, Ms. Sonia Blangiardo.  (If you missed it, have a listen to The MomsThoughts Show when Sonia was my guest)   I have known Sonia personally for a couple of years now and I have had the pleasure of enjoying her work as well.  She has had a long and impressive career in the daytime drama industry including Directing and Producing General Hospital,  All My Children, One Life To Live and As The World Turns.  She is now the Supervising Producer of the newly launched All My Children and One Life to Live.  Her genius isn’t limited to tv either, I actually met Sonia through her work on the hit Off Broadway show My Big Gay Italian Wedding.  Sonia is a highly acclaimed professional, who I admire and respect.  That is one reason I care.

Some other reasons why I care about Tainted Dream include Anthony Wilkinson.  Anthony is the genius behind My Big Gay Italian Wedding. I adore Anthony, his work, his opinion and everything else about him.   I know when Tainted Dreams is a success, it will have a lot to do with Anthony.

Alicia Minshew, who I loved as Kendall Hart in All My Children for over 9 years,  will be portraying the lead character loosely based on Sonia!  Brilliant casting.  After speaking with Alicia on The MomsThoughts Show, seeing her guest star in My Big Gay Italian Wedding and visiting with her in person recently, I am even more excited about her contribution to Tainted Dreams.  She is an absolutely lovely women with great energy, a real kindness about her, tons of talent and she is FUN!  

Michael Lowry.  Who doesn’t remember Michael Lowry from All My Children?  He played Jake Martin and let me tell you, I was broken-hearted when he left the show.  That is one super handsome, extra talented actor in my opinion.  To be honest, I could probably watch him read the phone book and be perfectly happy!  I know he will bring great performances to this production!   

While we are on the subject of great looking and talented men, can we talk about Walt Willey, Austin Peck, Paul Moon and Brett Douglas?  Four more reason why I care about Tainted Dreams.  All of these fellas deliver, big time!  

And, just to mix things up a little, Dina Manzo is also part of the cast!  We all know and love Dina from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not only is she beautiful, Dina Manzo is also wickedly funny.  I think her character will be a lot of fun to watch.  (Will Dina be the Erica Kane of Tainted Dreams?)   

There are a few members of the cast I don’t know (Jessie Godderdz, Marnie Schulenburg, Kelley Menighan Hensley) and there are more cast member announcements coming soon!  So far, it's a very impressive lineup of talent. There are also other equally talented folks behind the scenes.  All in all, I don’t see how this can miss.  

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