10/23/2013 09:43


We all have sins....  
Oh yes we do, you know it's true!  Our sins can sometimes take their toll on our complexion!   There isn't much I can offer you in terms of redemption for your sins, although it is said "confession is good for the soul", but I can offer you some complexion forgiveness for your sins!  
There is an innovative new skin care line aptly named "Sin-Care". You might have heard me discuss this product line with Suzanne Summers from Altruistic Beauty on my radio show (above).   Instead of formulations based on your age, these products are formulated based on your sins.   We all know there are certain indulgences that take their toll on our appearance.  So whether you spend too much time in the sun or maybe like to party into the wee hours, Sin-Care has you covered.  
The line includes 
The wonderful folks at Sin-Care generously sent me their products to try.  I have been using Sin #2 Sun Goddess and Sin #5 Sleep Disorder.  
The sin absolving serums have a light heavenly scent.  They are not greasy or thick.  My favorite aspect of the application is they are absorbed immediately, a little goes a long way and they do not leave your skin feeling greasy or as if you've been coated with a thick film of goop.  For me, they are the perfect serum for under makeup.  
I definitely notice a lightening of sun damage on my face from using the Sun Goddess serum and a more even skin tone.  I also notice an increased radiance.  The Sleep Doctor serum feels invigorating and refreshing.   I have been alternating use of both serums for the past 10 weeks.  
While they are a little pricey, I do like the concept of addressing the sin not your age or a generic "wrinkle" cream.  Your fine lines may be a result of smoking where my fine lines are a result of too much sun.  These products treat the cause not just the generic result.  Interesting concept.
The products are in a pump bottle that dispenses just the perfect amount so there is no waste and, as I said,  a little goes a long way.    I would love to see these products sold in mix and match collections.  It would be fun to be able to buy a set of 3 trial size bottles of your choice as one "collection".  (Let's face it, some of us are guilty of more than one sin!)   
You can learn more about Sin-Care and how to get forgiveness for your own skin sins here: