Sally Hansen Gel Manicure

08/02/2013 14:48

Due to an unfortunate downturn in my monthly salon manicures have been eliminated.  This was my one indulgence.  My nails peel and split without gel manicures, not only are they unsightly,  it hurts when they crack and split really low.  I really loved my gel manicures and I loved that they lasted a month because really who has the patience for weekly manicures?  


After going back to regular polish and having it all peel, chip and split in a matter of days, I reluctantly decided to try Sally Hansen's Gel Manicure set.  There is a coupon online for $10 off so now was a good time to test it.  

I bought mine at Target.  The packaging says it is good for 10 manicures.  After the coupon, that means each manicure will cost me about $5.50.  That is a lot less than a salon gel manicure.  And after these 10 manicures,  I can just buy separate polish not the whole kits again.  It is definitely a big cost saver.  


The kit includes:

  • 6 watt electric LED lamp with auto-timer
  • Gel base coat (0.14 fl oz / 4.0 ml)
  • Gel nail color (0.24 fl oz / 7.0 ml)
  • Gel top coat (0.14 fl oz / 4.0 ml)
  • 10 nail cleanser pads
  • Acetone remover (2.0 fl oz  / 60 ml)
  • Cuticle stick, file & buffer

Applying the gel manicure is pretty straight forward.  I followed the directions carefully, cleaning my nails first and applying each coat in thin layers.  After each coat of polish I placed my nails under LED lights for 30 seconds.  I added an extra layer of color only because I purchased the pale pink and I just think it looks better with 3 coats.   The polish dried instantly and has that same wonderful glossy finish as a salon gel manicure!!!  

Now I just have to wait to see if the home gel polish lasts the 4 weeks my salon manicure did!!  If so, I am very happy.  Sure, I have to keep up with my cuticles on my own (Essie's apricot cuticle oil is really nice!) and I don't get that wonderful hand massage when I do it myself.  BUT!  I do save a lot of money and I don't have to go out to a salon when I want my nails done!   At a time when I am going to ask my children to make some adjustments, I have to at least be willing to do the same.