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I love doing my weekly show.  I love getting to speak with people who are passionate about what they do.  I am always inspired by my guests.  Today's show is more than that.  Today's show is truly an labor of love.  My guest is very special and it is such an honor to be able to help share her story.  I will be speaking with Nat today.  Nat is a mother, wife, doctor and has cancer.  Nat will die without a blood transfusion.  Nat is special in so many ways, but one of the ways Nat is special is that she has an extremely rare blood type: HH.  Ever hear of it?  Me niether.  Miraculously, Nat found a donor!!!  The odds of finding a match are astronomical but Nat found a match!  Imagine her heartbreak when she learns the FDA won't allow her to use the blood from this donor!  It will blow your mind.   


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"Tainted: Why Gay Men Still Can't Donate Blood" 
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"Calling All Angels" 
***Update! I am delighted to update this story.  After our show aired and many, many tweets and facebook posts by all of us, a donor was found!!!  Yes, a donor came forward from Twitter, the process began and by last night Nat confirmed the donor is a match!  I am certain all our collective posts and prayers brought this miracle about.  Thank you all!  I also strongly believe the universe was working through Nat to bring to light the current FDA policy that automatically bans all gay men from donating blood or tissue for life!  While I am thrilled for Nat, her wife, children and friends, I hope we will all continue to use our voice to change the current discriminatory policy of the FDA!