The Real Housewives of New Jersey

06/03/2013 15:03

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Season 5 Episode 1

Just as the Fifth Season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is about to begin, a storm moved in over New Jersey.   The sky became dark, loud crashes of thunder shook my home, bright streaks of lightening lit up the sky and torrential, pounding rain fell on cue.   Jersey is back and Bravo is setting the stage.  


The show opens with scenes of my beloved Jersey Shore.  I have to take a moment to share a personal perspective here. Folk's who grow up along the Jersey Shore have seen hurricanes before.  This time was different.  This was the first time I ever got an email from my insurance company to "strap on my roof"  Strap my roof on???   This was no joke.  This was a storm of the century.  The devastation is SO much bigger than the vacation homes of the rich and famous.  While the Jersey Shore does boast some of the most exclusive beachfront communities in the US, it is also home to many regular folks.  Many people who live modest lives, who own family businesses that have been here for generations, lost everything.  Their homes, their belongings, their children's toys and memories are now somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. They have no home, no car and no place to go to work.  ALL GONE.  Fema was slow to arrive and offered little in terms of financial help to replace what was lost.  For some reason, the Federal Government also tremendously slowed the process hindering stingey insurance companies even further.  People continue to suffer to this day.  There is still a lot of loss and a lot of destruction. 


In my town, it looked like a war zone.  There was destruction everywhere.  We were without power for about 10-12 days which meant no lights, no heat, no cell phone service or groceries.  When shops did finally open, they had no power, supplies of everything were quickly exhausted.  We had no gasoline.  And in my town, unlike others, we were the lucky recipients of a fluke snow storm that delivered a foot of snow to our doorstep. As a single mom, I was scared about providing for and protecting my son alone through this.  I had no way to contact my daughter at college.   I was deeply concerned for people like my friend who had her 92 year old grandfather with her (trying to stay warm and walking around in the dark is scary!!) But our struggles were nothing compared to those who lost everything and the best Fema could do was put up a tent a snow storm.   Someone tweeted me during the Real Housewives complaining that Sandy was no Katrina.  Is it really necessary to make comparisons like that?  There was tremendous loss here.  As Americans, we take pride in helping our neighbors.  We were quick to help with Katrina just as we were quick to help with the recent Oklahoma tornado disasters (despite the fact that the Representatives from Oklahoma were 2 of the people who voted NO to helping NJ after Sandy! I pray OK doesn't re-elect those heartless, selfish bastards)  And we were patient when the Federal government dragged its feet.  Other disasters see a response in days...for some reason it took MONTHS for the Federal Government to help New Jersey.  So, please know that New Jersey is still in need of help.  Many are still suffering here and we are not talking about the 2nd homes of the rich and famous.


Thank you for induling back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey:  Thank Gawd Teresa wasn't in her vacation home when the hurricane hit, she surely would have "drowned-did" (add that to the book of "Teresa-isms)  And thank Gawd for Sandy, as it brought a lot of economic opportunity.  Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.  It's a gift with Teresa, it really is.   We also see that Teresa is committed to teaching her girls about charity.  Charity means putting old things you have no need for into the charity bin instead of the trash bin.  It's so touching when it comes from the heart, isn't it?  lol Let's face it, everyone needs used, discarded, tacky, gold lame and leopard prints in a disaster.


A lot of tonight's episode has to do with Melissa's daughter Antonia reconnecting with her cousins.  I have met Antonia.  This is a genuinely sweet little girl.  She still has a child's innocence.  Based on what I see on tv, I would not want my sweet, innocent little girl spending any unsupervised time with the Giudice girls.   We have seen how grown up and jaded the Giudice girls are.  Obviously, it isn't their fault.  They are a product of their environment.  We have seen in past seasons that Gia learned early on that she will have to be the responsible one when her mom is out working and her father is falling down (tooth breaking) drunk.  Gia is a very savvy girl who has learned way too much for her years.  All the Giudice girls have been exposed to the nasty, hurtful comments of their parents.  We have all heard and seen this over the years. Antonia doesn't need to be exposed to that sort of environment.  If someone spoke that way about me to their children, you better believe my children would not be spending quaility time with them - cousins or no cousins.  It's sad.  There isn't much anyone can do to turn back the clock for the Giudice girls, but Antonia can be shielded from that nastiness. 

It is uncanny how Teresa can twist things.  In Teresa's warped mind, Antonia sending a letter to her cousin = Melissa not being woman enough to apologize. HUH??? DaFack?


Also on the topic of children,  we also get to see Nicholas Laurita.  God bless Jac and Chris Laurita. Their patience is admirable.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to go through what they do.  Nicholas is a beautiful boy and I am convinced Jac and Chris are 100% committed to doing everything possible to help Nicholas. 


What do you think about Kathy saying she is held to a different standard? Do you think the audience sees her only as a peacemaker and refuses to accept there is more than one dimension to Kathy Wakile?  Personally, I like seeing Kathy speak up!  I liked her even more when she had the character and courage to apologize for her emotional reaction. 


I was cracking up with Caroline.  Not because she is "downsizing".  Actually, I cannot wait to sell my home.  I am sick of it.  All of it.  I am cracking up because she moved to a tiny little town that is about 1 mile square and expects us to believe she isn't chasing her son's who just happen to live in that same little town!  Its ok Caroline!  I totally get it.  Own it.  And does anyone believe for one minute that the telescope in their new apartment isn't focused on Albie and Christopher's apartment?  haha  


One more for the book "Teresa-ism"...."We're all just dust in the air"  

I was thinking about Caroline's interest in counseling Joe Gorga.  Caroline is my age.  If a younger colleage of mine (and that really is what Melissa is to Caroline, a work colleague)  If a younger colleage of mine was having family problems with another colleague, would I call that woman's husband up and offer to meet with him to negotiate a peace treaty and offer counsel?  I can honestly say no.  I tend to be more of the "wait until I'm asked" type.  I prefer to inject my advice when it's requested.   But that doesn't make for good tv, does it?  

Its hard for me to say this, but, like Caroline and Joe,  I get how painful it is to feel betrayed and hurt by a sibling.  I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.  I was always closest with my little brother.  I looked after him.  I loved him from the day he came home from the hospital when he was born. Sadly,  I haven't spoken to him in 5 years. If some one said to me 6 years ago (or to anyone who knows us) that I wouldn't be speaking to my brother,  I would have said they were nuts!  No one would have ever believed it.  It breaks my heart. I am actually gighting back tears as I write this.   I am not sure if I am more hurt by what he did or by the fact that I don't even think he's noticed that we haven't spoken in 5 years.  BUT, I have always explained to my kids that they should love their Aunt and Uncle and that I adore my neice and nephew. I tell my kids that in no way shape or form is it a betrayal to me if they want to be with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  Children are innocent.  They deserve parents who put their needs ahead of thier own hurt feelings. I also  think all relationships can not be repaired.  I think some times you have to just cherish, nurture and be grateful for the good relationships you do have.  Family isn't always just blood.



Back to the show!  Gia is getting older.  She is shopping with her mom.  She is irritated by Teresa's skeaky voice, I feel ya Gia, I feel ya.  Teresa says sarcastically, "I can't wait until Gia is 15" !  Trust me Teresa, we can't either!  Seriously, this is going to get good!  And by good I mean bad.  I'm mean Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan bad.


It was announced this week that a notebook full of evidence was introduced into the Joe Giudice trial. What do you think is in the notebook?

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