Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 5 June 30, 2013

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Is anyone else getting really bored with this?  How many seasons have we endured Teresa and Melissa fighting?  Temporarily making peace and then fighting again?   It is boring.  At least with scripted tv you have a plot, a story arc and resolution.  This is the same thing, over and over.  If we are tired of it, imagine how weary their family and friends must feel.  How many times can we watch a cast member confront Teresa and Teresa steadfastly deny any culpability?  How much more can we take of Teresa frustrating the hell out of family and friends by denying any responsibility at all for her part in this mess?  (hint:  Teresa, a relationship takes two people, that means two people are responsible for it)  Every week I guess we will see another cast member attempt to slay the dragon (dragon=Teresa) Yawn. 

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RHONJ needs a real life event so we can move away from Teresa.  I am not talking about a weekend at camp, I mean a legit life event.  A surprise pregnancy!  A divorce! (ok, that isn't nice but it would add a real story line) Maybe a really rebellious child? (If Melania ended up in a detention center for graffiti or something??)    Or a even a child's wedding?  (come on Lauren, take one for the team!)  What about business failing and a family ending up destitute?  Or an arrest and trial!  oh!  Wait, we will have a trial soon.  Hopefully that will be televised and we can all watch Joe Giudice's trial together!  I really don't know how much more of this I can take if something major doesn't happen.  


Milania Giudice

Let's talk about what did happen and I will try to muster up all the enthusiasm I can.  We now know that Joe Giudice knows about Napoleon Complex.  (Ok, he thinks it's a syndrome, but let's just give him credit for knowing it has to do with Napoleon)  Any guesses why he knows about this complex???  I find it very odd he would accuse Joe Gorga of this.  Projection any one?    We did get to see Milania in full action mode!  That child is quickly become the main attraction on this show!  Oh how I love watching her take on the world!  (I wonder if Gia minds Milania being in the spotlight after Tre spent so much time grooming Gia to be the star?)

Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice


We get to hear (again) Teresa misrepresent the exchange between her and Joe.  (and from some of the tweets I saw, the "Tre-huggers" are all buying her revisionist history. )    The conversation goes from weird (acting like they see each other every day) to Teresa telling Joe why she works out - because of the heart disease in the family.  (Don't tell me she didn't have an agenda showing up at the gym in full makeup with camera's and then just happens to start talking about her father's heart disease)  Joe says he works out because of the stress in life, and that he cries like a baby because of the situation, and it is because of Teresa.   RIGHT NOW a normal person who is more interested in reconciliation than being right would say "I know, its been a hard year on all of us"  or "I wish we could find a way to move passed all this stress, it's not good for us.  I miss you"  anything along those lines.  Instead, in full make up at the gym with cameras rolling she says something to the effect of "Melissa didn't visit Dad for 4 days" with a follow up about Melissa lip syncing.  WHY DOES SHE GO THERE?  AND WHY DOES SHE LEAVE THAT OUT EVERY TIME SHE RETELLS THIS STORY? At this point, Joe gets defensive.  Again, she has attacked his wife on camera.   

Joe Gorga goes home to discuss the twitter comment Teresa just told him about.  Sorry Joe, I don't think it's your job to "educate" your wife.  I think you could ask her in the name of peace to just stop.  All the while we see Antonia watching from the doorway.  Kids always hear so much more than we think they do.  

Joe Gorga

This week we see Ritchie really annoying the hell out of Kathy.  I think Kathy has the patience of a saint.  The fact that he really believes Kathy needs him to run her business is so offensive.  She couldn't possibly pick out a box on her own or determine if a renting a commercial kitchen makes sense.  Afterall, she is just a housewife not an "entree'- preneur (entree-preneur  ( n tr , n-tr ). n.- A main dish that takes on financial risk)  Ritchie continues to annoy and belittle Kathy through the episode.   One could draw the conclusion that Ritchie is threatened by the possibility of her success.  He wants to be sure she is convinced she needs him.  I think Ritchie is terrified of Kathy finding out she is very capable on her own.   Personally, I have absolutely no doubts of Kathy ability.  I think she is one smart lady and would love to see her soar on her own!  There is no better feeling than success especially when you do it all on your own.   I think Ritchie will find Kathy loves and respects him MORE if he shows her the trust and support she deserves.  Let her fly!  She is ready! 


UGH!  We now move to Caroline's 2nd getaway in Hoboken (where she hasn't followed her boys even though they recently moved to the tiny town of Hoboken too) The dinner conversation with the adult Manzo family was disturbing, especially because of Caroline's participation in it.  It started off innocently enough with the three kids talking about their parent's marriage and then moved into their opinions on marriage.  This is where it all went so wrong.  Christopher doesn't want children because he doesn't want the responsibility of having a girl.  Because as we all know, having a girl means keeping her safe until she is 10 and then keeping her from being a whore until she is 25.  That is pretty disgusting.  (I guess we can conclude that one doesn't have to worry about boys being whores Christopher?)  And then the most disgusting and offensive comments follow.  If we thought Ritchie Wakile's smartass joke about some college girls taking advantage of the meal plan was bad...this made Ritchie look sensitive.  Apparently, according to the Manzo's, there is a theory that "fat girls" are "blow job queens".  There is so much wrong with this.  It is so damaging to every girl who struggles with her weight.  (Thanks for airing this in the family hour Bravo)  We know Lauren struggled with her weight.  If they think comments like this don't affect her even though she has lost the weight now, they are so wrong.  This conversation was also offensive just based on the crudeness of it.  Who talks about that at dinner?  It certainly gives us a better look into how their minds work.  They certainly don't seem very evolved or have very flattering opinions of women. (In fairness, the entire Real Housewife franchise isn't really a fair or decent portrayal of women.  just sayin)


The scene with Jacqueline absolutely broke my heart.  I felt such a connection to her in that moment.  She is so dedicated to her son.  She works so hard and has so much patience.  It has got to be so frustrating and heartbreaking every day.  I really give Jacqueline so much credit for her strength, patience and dedication.  I give Chris so much credit too.  He is a man who "gets" it.  I love how he was there for Jacqueline, held her and listened to her.  He handled that situation so perfectly.  They are lucky to have each other and Nicholas is so very lucky to have them as parents.  

There were a lot of tweets last night that had to do with Melissa filming about her decision to put information about her parents relationship in her book.  The tweets mostly had to do with the fact that Melissa was talking about this in front of cameras so the point seemed to be moot about including it in her book since we all know now anyway.  Well, no need to put it in the book I guess! ha!   (Perhaps there is more to the story that she will share in the book?  Why would she film about the details if there wasn't more to it? )  This is where reality tv blows it.  It is somewhat akin to breaking the fourth wall.  You can't have an entire scene about keeping a secret and expect us to still buy into the "reality".   You've either decided to share it already (and that is why you are filming it) or you decided not to share it (and you don't film it)  That said, I loved seeing her Aunt Angel!  Angel is such a great lady!  She should film with Melissa more often.  :)   

We see Tre working hard on writing her book!  Well, we actually see Tre typing a sentence.  We see her copying it from a handwritten notebook.  Just because you're typing doesn't mean we are going to believe you wrote it are typing whatever your writer has written in her notebook!  That was a totally authentic, unplanned moment.   I bet you didn't even know the cameras were there!   

Rosie takes her turn with Teresa.  And Rosie gets passionate!  (I hope her hand was ok)  It killed me when we hear Tre lecture about Rosie's lack of etiquette.  She was embarrassed by Rosie raising her voice and pounding a table in a saloon full of men.  This from the woman who flipped a table screaming PROSTITUTION WHORE in a room full of children.   Sadly, as predicted, right from the starting gate Tre denies any responsibility for anything.  It's all Kathy's fault.  Kathy is the one who has to fix it, blah blah blah.  Another one bites the dust.  BUT good try Rosie....good try.  I wonder who is going to try to slay the dragon next week?   It is becoming something like a reality competition, isn't it?  Each week someone else tries to get Teresa to accept some responsibility for far, Teresa is the reigning champ!  At least Rosie walked away with a hug...not covered in water like Joe Gorga last week.  I think Rosie gets some points for that.  


I feel the need to recap some of the wonderful "sayings" insights and new words  from this week's episode: 

  • "Cramp in the dick" 
  • "Fat girls are blow job queens"  
  • "Entree-preneur"  
  • "Don't throw dust in the wind the stones will hit you in the face or....whatever"  
  • "Napoleon Syndrome"  
  • "I don't want to soil my oats"   


And the best news about this week's episode?  We had no Kim D!  Have a great week everyone! 


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