Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 2

06/10/2013 10:29

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Episode 2

The show opens with Teresa and her family.   Again, we see Gia "parenting".   Granted, she does a better job than Tre, but it is sad to see her always being the little parent.  It's hard to watch these kids, there is so much dysfunction there.

What does Tre call her brother?  I can't understand her.  I think she is saying "Deal Joe"  which always sounds like "Dildo" to me!  Hahaha.  I decided to look up "uncle" in google translate.  According to Google translate, "uncle" in Italian is "Zio" .  Okay.  I'm gonna guess she screws up Italian as much as she screws up English.  

Melissa explains why she would like to leave town.  I get it.  If she has to see or hear about Tre at every turn, its stressful.  Every dance class, gymnastic class, at school, at the grocery, etc... it could get on a person's nerve.  Then you carry all that irritation and when you see the person, you are already annoyed.  It just doesn't help.  I believe the old addage "absence makes the heart grow fonder" to be very true.  Some space in this competitive relationship could definitely improve things.  

I loved seeing Caroline's sister Frannie on the show!  I think its nice she has a sister living with her, this way when she goes to one of her love nests, she has Frannie to take care of the pets :)   BTW, Caroline and Al had their getaway love nest at the Brownstone, didn't they?  Why do they need a Hoboken love nest too?  I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the boys no longer work at the Brownstone and that they now live and work in Hoboken.  I am so sure it has NOTHING to do with that.

Loved seeing Kathy with her kids, all three of them.  She has so much patience, especially for Richie!   I wish Kathy had more faith in Victoria as far as going away to college.  If you have raised your children right, they will not get in trouble at college.  The influences that are there, are influences they have to face in life.  Keeping a child sheltered doesn't help them deal with peer pressure or situations.  I think living away, with the structure and guidance college life provides, helps a young adult become MORE prepared for living in the "real world".  Perhaps because Kathy didn't go to college, she doesn't understand that it isn't just one big orgy.  When a kid is faced with a situation and does the right thing,  that is how they learn and develop their own conscience and decision making skills.  As the saying goes "A boat is safe in the harbor, but that isn't what boats are for"   

Great to see Rosie this week.  I think Rosie needs to write a "how to" book for young lesbians.  There are plenty of books on sexuality for straight people, but I don't think there are enough books for young homosexuals! I am serious!  Rosie, Carpe Diem!  A book on Lesbian loving! 

It is heartbreaking, inspiring and so hopeful to listen to Chris and Jac talk about their son nicholas.  They are right, a child with challenges really can make or break a marraige.  I know.  It was very hard for me having two children so close in age especially because my son was born with several challenges.  We heard diagnosis like "cerebral palsy"  and other scary possibilities.  He was eventually diagnosed with club feet, hydrocephaly and multiple epiphyseal dysplasia.  The first five years of his life were difficult. Right after he was born for about 3 months  I had to remove casts from both his feet each week by soaking them - while I was nursing him (it was the only way to keep his feet soaking) and do this while keeping a very active 15 month old engaged.  Then I had to watch as the dr twisted and re-cast his feet each week, he cried, I cried. It was hard.  I would have to drug him (yes, I would have to give him the chloral hydrate) and take him for MRI's.  I cried more.  I prayed a lot.  His specialists were in New York and Philadelphia and thank God for my parents, they often came with me or took care of my daughter.  We got to the point where the doctors thought a brain shunt would be necessary.  I cried all the time.  I mourned for the son he would never be.  I thought "he will never go to prom, no one will love him, he won't know all the wonderful things he should", etc.  yes, I was haunted by crazy thoughts like that.  I cried all the time. alone.  My husband didn't involve himself and didn't comfort me. He always said  "we'll worry when we have to worry" and just go back to watching his sports.  I can't tell you how lonely it was going through all that by myself.  It really was the beginning of the end of our marriage.   I remember one night very vividly, sitting in the dark, watching my baby sleep in his crib.  He was so peaceful as I sat there in the dark crying ( did I mention I cried a lot?) ...then he gently lifted his little head, turned  to me, and in the dark, handed me his binky.  There was my little angel comforting me as if to say "it will all be ok Mom" .  And it was.  We had a miracle and he didn't need the shunt.  I am happy to say he is brilliantly smart.  He is popular with plenty of beautiful girls and had a great time at his prom.    I give Chris and Jac a lot of respect and credit for supporting one another.  It is vital to have a strong marriage for the sake of the kids.  I also agree with Jac that she can not pollute her life with toxic people.  She can't waste her time, thoughts or energy on toxic people.  She needs to let anyone like that go - just cut them loose.

Caroline and her "sit downs", here we go again.  (Remember Caroline and Danielle?  "You're sitting there with red hair calling me a clown?"  haha)  This whole thing is just sad and embarrassing because it is SO painfully obvious it is all about the producers creating a storyline.  It is not believable.  It is just embarrassing.  I am embarrassed for her.

Here is what I think about Teresa this week.  Teresa is one of the "blank slate" people.  They take their cues from people around them.  They never really develop the ability to form their own independant thoughts and conclusions.  They learn early on to align themselves with strong people who they can mirror and mimmick.   I am not saying she is a fake, she is blank.  This is a coping mechanism she learned and incorporated from very early on and it  has served her well to this point.  I don't think she does it on a conscious level at all.  The unfortunate thing is that Joe Giudice is the strong influence who is "writing on her blank slate".   If there were a stronger, more moral person in her life, things would be very different for Teresa.   It is almost as if you can hear Joe's voice when Teresa speaks sometimes.  Its sad and scary because she has some really bad influences in her life.   Blank slate people are only as good as the people they surround themselves with.  

Speaking of bad influences, hello Kim D.   The last word I would use to describe Kim D is "loyal"   I think Teresa is going to learn the hard way.   The word that comes to mind when I think of Kim D. is "opportunistic".   She will do whatever it takes to better Kim D.  She will kiss any ass and manipulate any situation if it helps Kim D.  The phrase to keep in mind when dealing with  Kim D is "if they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you".   Nothing about her makes me want to trust her.  That is why I do not get why all the women keep including her in their lives.  Surely the free dresses from Posche can't be THAT remarkable?  Can they?  

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