More Controvery Out of New Jersey!

09/23/2014 21:16

More Controvery Out of New Jersey!

Hey there friends!  You may have noticed, I haven't blogged lately.  Suffice it to say,  it's been a rough year.  

I recently learned of this Twitter interaction and it hurt my heart.  I have been Twitter pals with Lexi Wade since my earliest days on Twitter.  Lexi has always been a sweet, funny, kind and warm person.  I have never experienced any sort of negativity from Lexi!  I guess that is why it hurt so much to read of this interaction.   As I understand it,  Mr. Marchese is not a fan favorite on Twitter, but to insult someone's gender identity is a low blow and cheap shot, even for Mr. Marchese.  It is also a foolish thing to do.   It appears Mr. Marchese may have underestimated the LGBT community and how supportive they are of Bravo and vice versa.  Know your audience, Mr. Marchese.  If this is indeed true, it is very sad.  

* I submit the following press release in it's entireity.  I take no responsibility for it's validity or reliability.  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.    


In case you missed it:  


Transgender Model Lexi Wade publically attacked by "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member on Twitter
(Published Monday, September 22, 2014)
Lexi Wade, a transgender model & celebrity guru speaks out in regards to an event that happened over this past weekend involving a Bravo TV cast member of hit reality show, "Real Housewives of New Jersey". Not only was Wade publically humiliated, but according to New Jersey state laws, it is clear that the state of New Jersey indeed has implemented anti-bullying laws and policies. This information is provided by, which provides full proof that in fact, cyberbullying is covered amongst the list within the laws and policies against anti-bullying.
On Sunday, September 21st, 2014, while catching up on my dose of Bravo's "Real Housewives of New Jersey", I was also tweeting my opinions in regards to the cast members of this season. Lexi later received a reply from newest addition to the franchise, Jim Marchese, a New Jersery attorney, publically lashing out with this bullying & harsh statement: "U R a guy dressing as a woman & U think we are off...LMAO best one yet, U who doesn't want to be judged..judging. #rhonj IQ 12." 
Lexi says her biggest question for Mr. Jim Marchese is, "How would you feel if your hateful words would've lead someone to committing suicide? Because they were not grounded & strong to be so scrutinized, led into a state of depression. How would you truly feel?"
"This is certainly a moment in any person's life where there is nothing more disturbing than being criticized & publically humiliated - Simply because of my gender and lifestyle," says Ms. Wade. According to New Jersey's anti-bullying laws & policies, the following groups are included in the list under New Jersey state law: Gender, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity and Expression. Coincidentally, Marchese has a created reputation that is very harassing, demeaning & unlawful to others. "I am extremely embarrassed by the actions of Mr. Jim Marchese. I fully understand that this lifestyle is not accepted by everyone in today's society, but it is not necessary to attack someone, regardless of opinions. Bullying is a leading cause of teen suicide, and I feel that by experiencing such behavior while growing up, I do not feel that we should be continuing to condone this sort of behavior from individuals such as Mr. Marchese, who are in the public eye," says Lexi Wade.
"Mr. Jim Marchese publically attacked me based on my gender orientation in response to a comment made about the show, suggesting to the network, Bravo TV: "We should do some replacing of cast members." Thus resulted with Marchese's abrupt and discriminating statement, which is a violation of a New Jersey state anti-bullying law for cyberbullying. Just because Marchese is a cast member of a highly rated reality show, he should have some type of public apology as well as remorse for his actions and hurtful words. Our country stands for "Land of the Free" and strongly encourages each other every day that we must not continue bullying, for any reason. We all share the one mission to making the world a safer place for today's youth, especially those of the GLBTQ communities across our nation. We shall continue to take a stand and stop bullying.
She stresses her biggest concerns are that television network, Bravo TV as well as the producers of the network are condoning this type of behavior. These are not the types of personalities we as viewers are interested in. We as a nation and community hope that this will bring awareness to a harassing and situation that could have been life altering had it been someone else who were publically attacked & discriminated against, solely based on their gender and lifestyle. Lexi says her biggest question for Mr. Jim Marchese is, "How would you feel if your hateful words would've lead someone to committing suicide?"
Lexi has hosted charity events benefiting both The Transgender Center of America & the Houston transgender communities and continues giving back to the community. She says that several of the ladies of the entire Bravo TV franchise have generously participated in these events, including Kim Zolciak, Gretchen Rossi, LuAnn de Lesseps & Tabatha Coffey. "These ladies & many others have been respectful as well as charitable & I graciously thank them all for supporting a cause that makes a difference!" Thus simply proving that there comes a time when it should be understood that it is the little things in life that make a difference; and sometimes those little things can make a big difference. Lexi's biggest hope is that the network, Bravo TV, will recognize the behavior and  lend support in efforts to raising awareness to help stop bullying in today's society and social media sites. Regardless of opinion or lifestyle approval, the network should not condone such behavior as these type of celebrities are giving a poor representation and judgment of what the network, Bravo TV truly represents and supports collectively.


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