I May Have Changed My Mind (A Little) RHOC Epi 6

05/07/2013 08:18





Can we agree that Alexis Bellino is the Kelly Bensimon of the OC?  She is kooky.  She is paranoid.  She is on the verge of a psychotic break.  She is constantly accusing Housewives of bullying.  

If I boxer keeps showing up for fights and getting beat, does that make the other boxer a bully?  

I rest my case.  

Lydia is starting to grow on me.  She is very child-like and talk about “out of the mouths of babes”....  In her childlike way she is able to speak the truth with a great deal of clarity.  So far she is the most rational, level headed member of the OC crew.  I am just confused about one thing:  Why does Lydia want her mom to stop smoking pot?  It seems to me those shopping trips with her stoned Mamma can be very lucrative...who cares if she thinks she is a tree!  Atleast she is a money tree!  

I had a bit of an epiphany last night.  Tamra has turned into a mean girl.  She is angry.  All the time.  Aren’t people in love usually annoyingly happy all the time?  What is she so angry about?  She is angry at Alexis.  She is angry at Vicky.  I don’t get it.  Something else has to be going on.  Getting married should be enough of a storyline ….so why is she so angry? I am bored with just seeing her either bitching about Alexis or Vicky.   I like Tamra.  I like the happy, funny Tamra.

Vicky.  Poor Vicky.  This woman knows she has a bad track record with men.  She’s been married and divorced twice.  She had to buy both her wedding rings for crying out loud! She is not good at picking men.  Why would a woman who is so bad at picking men not listen when EVERYONE around her is telling her Brookes is not a good catch?  Why would she be willing to ruin relationships with friends and family for this guy?  I really don’t get it.  Is her self-esteem so low that she thinks she won’t find anyone else?  Is her self-esteem so low that she feels she HAS to have a man - any man - in her life?  What this woman needs is some time alone, on her own.  She needs to focus on Vicky and becoming a better version of herself.  A confident, more self-evolved Vicky who can see the world doesn’t revolve around her and that is ok.  

As for Briana and Ryan: They need to move out.  I don’t know why they would let Vicky talk them into moving in with them.  It is not a good environment for any other them.  Vicky is just too controlling.  The house is full of construction dust.  It isn’t going to end well.  I also think Briana and Ryan need to let Vicky make her own mistakes.  As a mom, I have done this with my children.  It is not easy, but it is the best teacher.  If Vicky asks Briana and Ryan for advice, they should be honest but I don’t think they get to dictate how Vicky lives her life.  It is time for Briana and her new husband to start their own life together.  

If Briana, Ryan, Tamra all just let Vicky work through this thing with Brooks, it will end.  Sooner or later it will end.  I think if Vicky learns no one wants to double date with her.  She isn’t being invited to dinner parties.  Briana and Ryan aren’t going to invite the happy couple over for dinner or even give them their address.  No one will want to be around them.  Vicky will get bored with paying for Brookes. And it will end.  Vicky is a rebellious teenager with overactive hormones.  If you forbid a teenager to date someone, they are more determined than ever to sneak around and do it.  If you let them do it (and keep a close eye on them without their knowledge), it will fizzle out.  Everyone just needs to stop making it an issue and just let this thing with Brookes fizzle out.   Besides, I want to watch Brookes bamboozle Vicky and then we all get to say “I told you so”  :)  

Has Heather’s marriage been cursed by Bravo?  Marriages don’t fair well when under the Bravo spotlight.  Have there always been issues and we are just seeing it now?  Or is Heather realizing she is not really happy being barefoot and pregnant all the time? Or has Heather just had enough of her career always taking a backseat to his career?   I hate to see another Adrienne and Paul thing happening.  It doesn’t look good for Heather.  I totally get where she is coming from, sometimes people like Terry can be annoying.  Their passive-aggressive “jokes” aren’t funny.  But watching Heather get so easily bothered by them makes her look bitchy.  She really has nothing to be bitchy about.  Her home has an elevator.  

Was Gretchen on tonight?  I think I missed her if she was.....