Real Housewives Orange County Episode 3

04/17/2013 11:56


Real Housewives of Orange County

Episode 3



I am late in writing this.  Again, this episode was boring enough that I couldn’t write a blog from memory!  I had to go back and watch it again just to write this blog!  

First, let me say this...Although I think Gretchen may actually be getting dumber with each season (is that possible?) , she is the one who hung in there with Slade and turned him around!  He has a legit job now!  So...good for her!  I am guessing Gretchen is already pregnant and we will have the great emotional revelation sometime this season....maybe finale?  

Briana has the patience of Job and she is obviously the parent in the dysfunctional relationship.  Vicky is the rebellious, self-destructive teenager complete with hormonal outbursts and sneaking around with her boyfriend.  Briana has her hands full parenting Vicky! That is for sure! I felt bad when Briana tried to share how isolating it is to be a new mom.  Instead of being worried about postpartum depression, Vicky completely ignores her and fumbles more with getting her cards into a folder.  Vicky chimes in though once Briana acquiesces and changes the subject to Vicky.  I hope Briana moves out soon.  It is just a bad situation all the way around.  But her baby is such a gorgeous little man!  I love seeing him each week.  


I see Heather has started drinking the kool-aid.  She is becoming more “house-wifey” and less authentic. Don’t you think?   And what is with “Branding” your home?  I am so sick of the word “Brand” and all it implies.  Its your home.  period.  And can I say, if my husband’s business paid for a home like hers, I wouldn’t be bitching about “Mommy jobs” while riding in our home's freaking elevator!  Trust me, I am a feminist through and through...but there should be an equal distribution of responsibilities.  I am going out on a limb and assume she has housekeepers. He runs a very successful medical practice.   So, if she has to care for the kids at Temple...well...BIG DEAL!


Lydia....She may possibly be dopier than Alexis and Gretchen...combined!  She has potential to be really REALLY funny or super obnoxiously annoying....I am withholding judgement.  It’s precious she is raising her boys in that age old Christian tradition: her boys are faithfully reminded that they are better than everyone else.  Cute <3



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