Real Housewives Orange County Episode 2

04/07/2013 11:49


So far, the housewives in Orange County have been just about the worst thing housewives can be:  boring, tame and  even at times well behaved.  Well, as well behaved as a housewife can be!  

Vicky has been selfish as ever.  She is getting glitter all over her daughter Briana's new baby.  She also decided this was the perfect time to paint and remodel her home!!  After all isn't that exactly what a new mother wants to worry about?  Paint fumes and construction dust!  Vicky, Vicky, Vicky.  Had someone done that to her,  she'd be screeching like a wildcat in heat in that crazy way only she can!  Briana has the patience of a saint.  

Alexis and Jim want us to believe its been Jim's life long dream to own a bouncy gym!  And his dream has come true!  YAY!  Alexis wants us to believe that she walked away from her dream of being a dress designer and on-camera tv correspondent to support Jim's dream of owning a bouncy gym!  YAY!  (and apparently there is at least one tweeter who actually does believe this hook, line and sinker! )   If I recall correctly, Jim was never a fan of the Real Housewives and didn't want to film with them.  I guess he has had a change of heart if it means it will support his dreams of owning a bouncy gym so that he can wear a royal blue polo shirt with his name on it every day to work!! YAY!  

Heather is barely tolerating her husband's menu selections.  Its not easy being a housewive in Beverly Hills.  

Eddie won't commit to a wedding date.  Anyone else think this is foreshadowing?  He is already sick of Tamra and her rule breaking, her kids leaving lights on, etc...  

About the only interesting thing to happen this week were the subtle influences of the producers at play.  We see the new matching besties Gretchen and Tamra show up at Heather's end of Summer party.  They are checking out their  arch nemesis Vicky and her fake new face.  They have both decided they are "never, ever, ever getting back together" with Vicky.  And then a clever producer seats Gretchen next to Vicky.  A conversation starts.  Tamra can't hear everything that is being said.  Tamra's insecurities kick in...what if Gretchen switches sides???  What if Gretchen and Vicky team up against her??  oh no.  no no no.  So....although Tamra was "never ever ever getting back together" with Vicky, those damn insecurities get the better of her and she decides she needs to try to reconcile.  :)  (well played producers, well played.)

And we learn  (yet again) Tamra is opening a gym.  yay.  

What do we think about the newest housewife, Lydia?  (And are Heather's eyebrows moving further up her forehead??)


Yes,  I am feeling particularly snarky.  Maybe it is because Spring has finally sprung?