Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 7 Season 5

07/15/2013 10:28

This week's episode started off on a good note, after all, we had Milania for a scene! But alas, it was a short scene and then everyone was packed and heading out of town without the children. They also went without Jacqueline and Caroline. I was happy to see Jacqueline and Caroline both chose to stay home. It showed integrity to step away from the Bravo cameras and put their own families first. Let's face it, that rarely happens in the world of "reality". Good for them! Clapping Happy

As a woman with a degree in Psychology, I can tell you, booze will not enhance the experience. Booze doesn't make anything better. If I were going on a relationship retreat, I would leave the booze at home. As a matter of fact, I think less booze all around probably could improve a lot of situations on these shows...well, for the participants. Booze definitely enhances reality tv for Bravo and for viewers ;)


We see the Gorga's, Giudices and Wakiles all packing and sharing their intentions. They are going to settle scores and get apologies. I think the Wakile's are going with open hearts but I think the Gorga's and Giudices are going to get an apology and maybe to witness the other be put in their place by the therapist. (Since we have heard nothing but how we are going to be surprised by the outcome from the cast on blogs and interviews since before the season started, I am not expecting any surprises. Obviously we have all figured out they are eventually going to make nice and call a truce this weekend. ) Again, we hear each side complain about the other. I appreciate Rosie and Kathy's optimism, I think they are in this to really work hard and do what they have to do to fix this. Richie is in it for the booze and the sideshow.


Joe Giudice is such a negative energy in this show and this world. He brings nothing good to the table. He is trouble. He is not to be trusted and I think if he were out of the picture, progress would have happened much sooner. The worst moment in this episode was when Joe was started in about Autism. At least he caught himself, realized what an enormous jackass he was and stopped. I still can't believe he said the things he did say. He really is a despicable human being. I see no redeeming qualities in him. Shaking Head Sad


Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Caroline has a bridge to cross. I guess this is a metaphor. I am with Caroline though, I am terrified of heights and I don't think I would have gotten across that bridge. Good for her for going for it! Sometimes we have to just face our fears and go for it! Clapping Happy


I love seeing Chris and Jacqueline together. Chris Laurita is such a supportive husband. He has such a great outlook and calm demeanor. Nicholas is lucky to have Chris and Jacqueline as parents. Jacqueline is so dedicated to getting the best care for Nicholas and Chris is Jacqueline's rock and soft place to fall. They are a great team and Nicholas will benefit enormously from this.

Jacqueline is also a riot. We were blessed with another one of her zingers this episode! I have learned to put my drink down if Jacqueline is in a scene, the possibility of choking or spitting with laughter is just too great. "Go on this family retreat? I would rather get my lips waxed...all of them!" YOUCH! :) Shocked


I don't know why so many on social media think Jacqueline is obsessed with Teresa. The first thing Teresa starts in with is trying to engage Melissa and Kathy about Jacqueline. Teresa "dared" Jacqueline to come. Who does that? I think I stopped daring people after 6th grade. Teresa wouldn't let up, she really wanted to get Kathy and Melissa to talk about Jacqueline but they wouldn't! I was so proud of how they stood their ground and didn't engage Teresa. Good job!!!! Clapping Happy


Did anyone else feel really bad for Opie and Miss Sunshine? If they think solving a Middle East crisis qualifies them for the Giudice Gorga conflict, they have seriously underestimated the challenge. The moment we saw Stephen and Stephanie (so cute), we all knew they were no match for this crew. Bravo knew they would be hilarious to watch...and they were right. I like Bravo's sense of humor :) But ultimately, they accomplished nothing - intellectual exercises are sort of a waste of time on this crew. None of these folks are exactly what I would call Mensa candidates, if you know what I mean.


And...again the same fight breaks out. It is the same dumb pointless fight over and over again. I don't think they even know what they are mad about. They are all hurt. They all lash out about anything. They all want apologies. Teresa is never going to apologize. Teresa still wants to be number one in Joe's life. She doesn't get that Melissa will ALWAYS come before her in Joe's it should be. Marriage is sacred. The fact that Teresa thinks "blood" comes before marriage is the problem. Teresa is very egocentric, and unless you want to just kiss her ass, she has no use for you. That is her idea of a friend, someone who likes to be around her and kiss her ass. Which is fine if you want that sort of friendship. Melissa doesn't want that sort of relationship. The easiest way to fix this would be to have Joe and Melissa just kiss Tre's ass. Show up for family parties and tell Tre how great she is. Simple. Problem solved. You're welcome. Of course, Bravo has arranged for Dr. V to come and save the day. And since Dr. V is also on the Bravo payroll, she will be the one person who can fix this. This is totally real and not at all contrived or staged. Not. At. All. I am sure Tre found Dr. V. in the yellow pages. Can't wait to see the magic Dr. V. will work next week!!!!!!!!! Especially since we all know we are going to be “surprised” it is not at all a surprise that Dr. V is going to fix this. The final scene demonstrates what happens when you mix hot headed Italian men with booze. It never ends well. Joe Gorga calls his sister scum. Joe Giudice is going to demand an apology. (because when you drunkenly demand an apology you always get an apology that is sincere and from the heart - it has nothing to do with machismo) and....BAM! a smack down ensues.

Heated Argument



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