Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 6 Season 5

07/10/2013 14:39
And in this week's episode we see the side of fame that a person doesn't expect or they just plain old forget about.  We see the price that fame costs.  People, friends, colleaques, acquaintences who will come out of the woodwork with information, true or not, and use it for their own selfish greedy agenda.  It is hard enough to trust people as it is, but when someone sees an opportunity to cash in on a relationship, I guess you just have to be prepared for it to happen.   
I would guess Melissa might expect something like this from a "fringe" friend, one of those people who are friends with your friends.  In this week's episode we see her "real" friend try to cash in. That is so sad.  I don't understand why someone thinks that going on tv to betray a friend will be a good thing.  Do they have visions of Bravo Andy sending them a contract and giving them their own show?  Or some casting agent saying "THAT is the type of person who we need on our next project".   Do they even think this through at all?  Jan is a lousy human being.  I am sure it has to be hard for Melissa to trust anyone at this point.  
Kim D definitely can attract disgusting people.  If you are on Twitter, you already know that Penny and her husband John have been doing everything under the son to get on this show.  It's embarrassing.  I guess joining Kim D's "posse of ugly" was her best shot.  What I don't understand is why any of the cast still talk to Kim D?  They have to know she would turn on any one of the cast in a New York minute if it meant a moment of camera time.  Why enable someone like that?   
The whole gathering with Teresa and her fake friends reminded me of the Danielle Staub days. Remember  when Danielle gathered up her group of fake friends to talk smack about the rest of the cast?   Now Teresa has her group of fake friends gathered to boost her ego and of course the best way to puff up Teresa's ego is by bashing Melissa.  Teresa's group of fake friends are Melissa's bridemaid Jan, Kim "sell your soul to the Devil" D.,  a realtor (realtors will do anything for a listing!) and a Twitter stalker.  Impressive, Teresa, very impressive.   
I love how sick of it all Kathy is...she is just over it.   All of it.  I think Kathy just wants everyone to stop trying to "slay the dragon"...stop poking the dragon, stop talking about the dragon...just let the dragon alone.   It appears Caroline too has come to that conclusion as well.  She is not messing with the dragon anymore either.  Good call.
Jacqueline is funny.  Jacqueline has seen the light, she sees Tre for who she is and she wants Tre to know she isn't fooling anyone any more. It is great when it all comes together, everything is in focus and clear to Jacqueline now.   It's ok Jacqueline, we all get it.  Truly, as the saying goes,  the best revenge is living well.   If the rest of the cast refused to acknowledge Teresa,  and just live life and have fun, Teresa would become a non-event.  Becoming a "non-event" would be the worst thing to ever happen to Teresa.  :)  
I am wondering why Melissa would do a scene about pole dancing considering how much controversy erupted about her working at a "gentleman's club" last season.  If she wanted that rumor to die, it would seem to me the reasonable thing to do would to NOT be filmed at a poll dancing class.  Take a pottery class, take a kickboxing class, take a golf anything BUT poll dancing.   
I have just one question:  What in the hell is Tre going to do to with 800 pounds of sausage....maybe I don't want to know.  
Oh, and Caroline is sleeping in Hoboken again.....
That's it folks for this week folks...


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Here is an extended look at next week's brawl.... (you knew there had to be at least one brawl this season, right?)  


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