Prime Time!

04/11/2013 11:00


Prime Time!  


I remember the first time I stumbled upon Urban Decay’s eye primer.  I thought I was really onto something.  And, the fact is, I was onto something!!    I have combination skin.  This can make keeping eye shadow and liners in place a challenge.  They smear, smudge, melt and fade.  A product that could put an end to all my eyeliner and eyeshadow landing in the crease of my eye lid?  Yes please! Sign me up!  

We have come a long way from the days when that Purple Urban Decay Potion first appeared.  We have a lot of options now.  How do we choose?   I wanted to share my experience with 3 eye primers I have used.  

I have obviously tried Urban Decay “Primer Potion”.  I have used Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray”  and most recently, E.L.F “Mineral Eyeshadow Primer”.   They all promise to keep your shadow from creasing, and long lasting eye shadow with great color.  The Benefit and E.L.F. also promise anti-aging properties.


They are priced as follows:

Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray” $26.00/0.33 US fl. oz.     

Urban Decay “Primer Potion” $20.00/0.37 US fl oz

E.L.F. “Mineral Eye Primer”   $ 1.00/0.17 US fl oz.

My conclusions:

All three make applying eye shadow easier.  All three apply easily with a wand and there was no clumping with any of them.  My shadow glides on easily and color was great.  But there is one clear winner as far as I am concerned in terms of  lasting color and resisting creases.  The winner is ....  E.L.F.!  Yes, mineral, natural, anti-aging, long wearing, anti-creasing eye primer for $1.00 is my fav!    You can see pictures of me from a recent day in NYC. First thing in the morning,  I applied the E.L.F. primer and eyeshadow over my usual routine skin prep (Restorsea eye cream and Peter Thomas Roth FirmX)  The color stayed great all day.  I can promise the only cosmetic I had with me all day was a lipstick  so there was no additional eyeshadow added during the day.  

Next time you are in Target or ordering cosmetics online, grab an E.L.F. Mineral Eye Primer (for a buck, why not?).  Let me know what you think!