Pilot Premiere Party!

12/13/2013 20:00

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have been absent from the blogosphere lately.  For the past 6 months or so I have devoted myself to sorting out the chaos that is my life.  Trust me, it has become a full-time job.  

So, what would compel me to come out of retirement?  What would be so tempting to me that I would set aside my holiday shopping, baking, decorating along with all the personal chaos unraveling I am still doing?  I give you two words:  

Tainted Dreams!  

I have to share with you!!!

I had the great pleasure of attending the world premiere of the Tainted Dreams pilot!  A festive holiday party was held for this auspicious occasion in New York City.  The function was packed with cast, crew and many guests.  We were all excited to reunite.  This will be the first time we are all together since filming wrapped this past summer.  It was great fun to see so many familiar faces including so many of the celebrities in attendance.  (Let's face it, it is a busy time of year for parties, I am sure celebrities are especially busy!)  The party was a packed house!

We were first entertained with a “behind the scenes” video of still photography.  It was very fun to reminisce.  Although the days of filming last summer could be long and hot, the few days I was fortunate enough to be there, were also full of laughter and friendships.  It was really great to see pictures from the many days when I wasn't there for filming!  I missed so much!

After the stroll down memory lane, came the moment we were all waiting for:  The pilot episode of Tainted Dreams.  It was all I had hoped it would be and more.  The show takes on a modern, fresh, updated “Sex And The City” meets the soaps vibe.  Alicia Minshew’s character Angelica takes on a Carrie Bradshaw-esque voice-over type role. She is smart, sassy, intimate and funny, really funny.  Alicia’s character is a high-powered, seasoned, television Producer.  Tainted Dreams takes us to the steamy, saucy, funny, complicated, messy world behind-the-scenes at a popular soap opera.  As you may expect, the personal lives of the soap opera’s cast and crew are far more interesting than the characters portrayed on their soap “Painted Dreams”.  

The pilot is funny.  It is really funny!  It is also sexy as hell!   (Where was I when all these naked sex scenes were being filmed???  ha!)  There are some very sexy people in this show (yes, I am looking at you Teri Ivens, Grant Aleksander, Michael Lowry, Alicia Minshew...just to name a few!)  The show is also intimidate and topical.  For example, in a very honest and fresh way, we get a glimpse into Angelica’s struggle between the demands of her career and her desire for motherhood.

Perhaps the best moment of the evening (for me) came when I appeared in the pilot. Oh yes,Yours Truly made the cut.  However, it seems  I was upstaged by the gorgeous Brian Patrick Murphy! By the reaction from the room, you’d  have thought these people had never seen a VERY physically fit, hot, young man without a shirt on before!  Not even my BFF and “plus one”  Kim Pirrella NOTICED me in the scene Sheesh.  Granted, you could only see me from the back, but what is it they say?  There are no small parts??  Even if no one happened to notice me because they were too busy staring at Brian’s bare chest, I was thrilled beyond words tohave made the cut!  I made it into the pilot episode of this sure to be a hit tv show!!!!  

There are so many reason’s I am looking forward to wrapping up 2013 and moving into a new year, not the least of which is to be able to watch Tainted Dreams!   Stay tuned for more scheduling and programming information!  

Now I must return to the bedlam that is my life…..

(See the gallery for a few pictures from the party!)