Omg! Insider

04/25/2013 23:29


I HAVE to give Omg! Insider a BIG thumbs up.   The show is fun, it's a celebrity/entertainment show.  In the NYC market it is on CBS at 7pm.  But the reason they get the thumbs up from is is because they totally "get" social tv.  They have fully integrated and engaged their audience.  There is not smarter way to attract and maintain a loyal fan base and viewers than to acknowledge and engage them.  They are great with interacting with thier community and encouraging the community to interact with one another.  I think it is so much fun to comment with all sorts of people on a wide array of topics. It is often people I may not have ever encountered on Twitter otherwise so they are making lots of new connections for people.  But it goes even further than that with OMG! Insider...they take our questions, the audience questions,  right to the celebrities!  They ask viewer questions on the red carpet or they have celebs come in and take over their twitter, etc.  They find great ways to connect their viewers and it is just a lot of fun and really smart.