The Real Housewives Need To Go Norma Rae On Bravo!

05/11/2013 10:07


Where's Norma Rae When You Need Her? 
I have to say it.  The Real Housewives all need to unionize. I've recently read published reports about the salaries the women of the Real Housewives are pulling in and I am disappointed.  Bravo is making a fortune and throwing the women crumbs when you think about it. They are on HIT tv shows!  Bravo doesn't have to make sets, write scripts (well, not really). Bravo don't have wardrobe departments, there is no craft services, etc... What do actors in lead roles on hit tv shows earn?   Bravo not only makes a fortune making women look bad, they also pay them a paltry pittance.  But unless the women organize, they have no power.  So, I think its time for the Union of Real Housewives.  Its time to go Norma Rae on Bravo! 
(I am not saying necessarily that any of them deserve the kind of money we're talking about here - BUT - the women deserve it more than the fat cats at Bravo, yes?)   Thoughts??  

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