Keep Your Coffee HOT All Morning!

05/10/2013 08:14


Keep your coffee hot all morning for $5.00! 

Candle warmers are GREAT for candles.  They are usually about $5, they keep your candles burning at even rate and they keep your candles looking clean (you don't get all the black stuff in the candle from the wick and matches)  They also burn cleaner.  You don't end up with all the dirty smoke from the candle.  

BUT .... candle warmers also work great as a coffee or tea warmer.  I love my coffee hot, really hot.  But, I get distracted, and when I get around to having a sip it's already cold.  So the morning ends up with a number of trips back and forth to microwave to reheat the coffee or tea.  I started using the candle warmer and it workers great.  Keeps my coffee hot all morning!  Just always remember to use safely.  Put on safe sturdy table.  Do have anything nearby that could be a hazard like loose papers, etc.  And ALWAYS shut it off when you are finished.