My Reflections On An Interesting Week

06/29/2013 07:50

I will be honest.  I resisted writing a blog about The Real Housewives for years!  Literally years.  For the past 4 seasons, I have been asked to blog about about the housewives and one of the main reasons I didn't was because I didn't want to deal with the haters and the nastiness that seems to accompany so many of the Housewive's blogs. 


Much to my surprise, I have gotten NONE of that!  Everyone has been so great!  Even when you don't agree with me (which is ok, it is actually great, I enjoy hearing different perspectives!)  you have all been respectful and civil in sharing your opinions!  The surprise has been the feedback from The Housewives themselves!   Good and bad.  I am flattered they are reading my blog.  I hope as the season goes on, they will appreciate my candor and slightly off-colored sense of humor.


I am trying to be honest and have some fun. That's it.  I am not trying to cause trouble or interfere in anyone's life.  This blog is about a TV show.  Entertainment.  For the most part,  people get that.  My comments are only based on the caracitures Bravo creates not the "real" people.  (I hope if any of the The Housewives do have an issue with anything I write, they contact me.  I am a reasonable person. I am not looking to screw up anything in their real lives. ) 


In addition to the positive and negative responses to my blog this week, I also had the pleasure of having Jacqueline Laurita on my show this week.  We had SO much fun.  Her new website is Altruistic Beauty.  Her partner in this venture is Suzanne Summers.  What a pleasure it has been working with these women this week.  I guess the fun we had doing the show was apparent as the editors at BlogTalkRadio selected our show to be one of their "Staff Picks".  In the world of radio/podcasting and the huge platform that is BlogTalkRadio, this is a tremendous honor.  The takeaway from this is: If you do what you love and you're passionate about it,  people will notice.   I have always enjoyed interacting with others and I think its obvious how much all three of us like talking about health and beauty products!  (Did you check out the giveaway?  I wish I could win any one of the products!!)  Stay tuned, we will be sharing some more news soon!!


Of course I am also having a blast with Tara Cushing from each week on our "NJThoughts" show.  I hope you are also enjoying all her behind-the-scenes insight.  This week's guest is going to be THE Rosie Pierri!  I wish I could figure out a way to send a Scotch-On-The-Rocks to Rosie to enjoy during our show!  I know this is going to be a really fun show, it can't miss with someone as fun as Rosie!  (Maybe I should think about sending a Scotch-On-The-Rocks to Tara too, get her to spill some of her secrets!!!  ;)


Thank you all for listening and supporting me here on my blog and on my show!  You really are THE BEST!  XO