My Thoughts and Questions on the Current State of Soaps.....

07/01/2013 15:28

I am thrilled OWN decided to take a dip in the soap pool this summer!    Of course this news just brings more questions.  Will Own sign up to broadcast the soaps beyond the summer?  What will it take to keep soaps profitable and keep fans loyal and dedicated?  


I can't help but think that having a real presence in social media is necessary.  Viewers love being social.  I don't just mean one way posts but real engagement.  I think while an effort is being made, they could do a better job engaging with fans.  Perhaps more of the stars having "live tweet sessions" with fans would help and more facebook fan events.  Online viewing parties are a great way to get fans interacting.  I don't think there is any doubt that social media fan engagement is definitely the way to attract and keep viewers.  


I also wonder if this commitment from OWN won't tempt stars like Susan Lucci and Michael Knight to consider a return?  Having some of those beloved stars return would definitely be a big draw for audiences.  


The only other thing I am left wondering about right now is why all the mainstream entertainment sites and television shows have absolutely no interest in soaps or webseries.   Why are these not considered worthy of their attention?  They will cover other daytime programs.  Is Dr. Phil really that much more compelling that the amazing actors on daytime dramas?  

As for Tainted Dreams....I find it so exciting to read about all the latest casting announcements.  It seems as if every week a new big name is signing on.  The anticipation for this show is enormous, at least with me it is.  Based on the show's premise and the level of talent associated with this project, there is so much potential for a huge success and for something very different than what we are accustomed to.  Daytime Confidential broke the news last week that Terri Ivens will be joining the cast of Tainted Dreams.  (Do you remember Simone on All My Children??)  Ms. Ivens will be joining me on The MomsThoughts Show on July 17th, 1:00pmEST.  Be sure to tune in!  


What do you think about the latest schedule change with the new "Soap Mondays"?  The entire week of shows will posts online on Monday so you can binge watch on one day or watch when you want during the week?  I am a fan of the binge watching.  


I am curious, will you continue to watch All My Children and One Life to Live online or will you watch on OWN?   (Click on your answer below)


Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts!  Please feel free to comment below!  



Will you continue to watch All My Children and One Life To Live online or watch on OWN?

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