Jill is Red Carpet Ready with Omg!Insider!

02/21/2013 08:58

This Saturday February 23rd, we will get to see Jill Rivera (my co-host, friend and fashionista) work with the great people at Omg! Insider.  If you are unaware of what this is, it is the TV show formerly known as The Insider.  The new Omg! Insider has a whole new look and fresh interactive vibe!  Jill went to their L.A. studios earlier this week to work on a segment about the Oscars this weekend and of course the RED CARPET!    Please check your local listing for when the OMG! Insider airs by you!  Visit Jill's page here on MomsThoughts.com to see pictures from behind the scenes!  Also check out Jill's new website!  https://justjillianr.com/