Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos

04/12/2013 09:14


"Instant Mom"


Nia Vardalos

Book Review by MomsThoughts:

So why would I be interested in reading a book by Nia Vardalos about adoption?   Yes, I know she has proven herself as a great writer.  She has the Academy Award and Golden Globe Nomination to prove it!  And yes, she is a very funny lady.  And yes, she sent me the book, and I am a polite person.  And yes, she was on my show.  Those are all great reasons why I should read "Instant Mom" but why would I want to read a book about adoption?   I have two kids that are almost out of the nest, I am hardly an ideal candidate for an adoption! 


The reason I should and did read "Instant Mom" is because it is not a book about adoption.  It is a hilarious autobiographical account of Nia's journey to Motherhood and a lot of really funny stuff happens along the way.  We learn about Nia from her High School years right up to present day.  She has perservered and succeeded where many would have run for the hills.  When she couldn't get cast in Hollywood, she wrote her own movie!  My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  That is what I call determination. 


This is a woman who is tenacious!  Nia doesn't give up, she just re-groups and finds another way!  So you can imagine her frustration when Mother Nature has other plans for her and she is faced with the reality that a biological child is just not in the cards for her and her husband.  (She is married to the very talented Ian Gomez, currently on ABC's Cougar Town) 


This books chronicles her successes, her frustrations and her heartbreak.  It is a rollercoater of emotion.  I really did Laugh Out Loud.  I also cried and I even found myself say "YES!  ME TOO!!" more than once!  Nia Vardalos is definitely not your typical Hollywood Mom.  By the end ot the book, you feel as if you have a new best friend.  Her experiences and attitude are very much funny girl next door.  But don't get me wrong, she has plenty of Hollywood friends and shares some incredibly funny stories.  (hint: There is a wildly funny story that includes Rue McClanahan)


This is a great read.  Its a stay-in-your-pjs-all-day-and-read sort of book.  I absolutely enjoyed every single word.  And if you are thinking about adoption, this is also a great resource book for that too.  The back of the book contains a wealth of information for safely navigation the vast arena of adoption. 



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*This book was provided to me by Rogers & Cowan.  This review and opinions are my own.