I'm a Bloom Ambassador!

07/10/2012 23:03

I am a Bloom Beauty Ambassador!  So?  What is a Bloom Beauty Ambassador?  Its actually pretty cool.  Bloom.dot sends me new, interesting products every month and I get to try them!  I know!  How cool is that?  What's the catch?  I have to tell you what I think of those products!  You know I love sharing my opinion so this is a match made in heaven.  I will share my reviews on the bloom.com site for each product I try and I will also post my reviews on www.momsthoughts.tumblr.com  Oh! What is bloom.com?  Its a beauty social networking site!  It brings together consumers, pros and products!  You can get or give great advice, review products and buy products!  Check it out https://www.bloom.com/invite/25066  and follow me!