Moms! Organize your photos with GROOVEBOOK!!

05/23/2013 08:26


This is a super easy way to organize all your photos!  This is a phone app that let's you upload your favorite photos and BAM! a beautiful photo book is sent to your home.  So simple.  And if you think its expensive, you couldn't be more wrong!  Its only $2.99 a month - that's it!  Check it out.  And scroll down to get the code for your first book FREE!!! 





I found a GREAT product at a really GREAT price.  An almost unbelievably great price!  Its called "GrooveBook". 

What is Groovebook? 

Groovebook is a phone app that lets you

  • Upload up to 100 photos a month from your phone
  • Receive a keepsake photo book of your photos in about 7-10 days (just $2.99 shipping & processing per month)
  • The books are made with quality photo-paper and perforated edges so that you can use the photos however you please


If you use the code "GrooveThoughts" , Your first Groove book is ...FREE!

This is just in time for Summer and all your vacation memories!  If you are anything like me,  your photos are all still sitting in your phone all disorganized.  This is so simple and for only $2.99 a month!!!

You can find out more about GrooveBooks at  Just be sure to use the code GrooveThoughts to get your first book FREE!



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