05/30/2013 10:37

Fage Plain


In case you missed this, I love Greek yogurt.  I am not talking about a passing fancy or a momentary crush, I am talking about a long-term relationship kind of love.  I really REALLY love when the Greek yogurt is thick.  The thicker the better.  This one quality takes precedence above flavor, calories and protein content is the thickness. I have ruled out several other Greek yogurts but  I am happy to report Fage passes the MomsThoughts thickness test!!!  


I will eat the plain total yogurt with cereal, crumbled low cal cookies or mini dark chocolate chips!  (I like the all three of the Total varieties)  My favorite treat is to take a fozen Italian ice (100 calories) and layer Faye plain yogurt in between (6oz of total 0 has 100 cal) .  Top with whole grain cereal (1/4 cup 25 cal).  It tastes very much like gelato (Italian ice and custard)  It is also very satisfying and it seems like you are getting a HUGE treat for only 225 calories.  

I was provided Fage by BzzAgent.  My opinions are my own.