Donate Mobile Phones

05/08/2013 23:40


Donate Your Old Mobile Phone


 Help us make Every Connection Count in April by recycling your old phones for a good cause!

Hope Phones collects your phone(s) at no charge to you, recycles them responsibly here in the U.S., and uses the funds to purchase mobile technology on the local market in countries around the world with high maternal mortality rates. The phones are then put in the hands of health workers to help them connect patients with clinics, collect and transmit health data, and call for transport to ensure women get to a health facility when they need to.

And this isn't just good for mothers- it's good for Mother Earth. A half-million mobile phones are discarded in the U.S. every day and pollute the environment with tons of plastic and toxins. Recycle yours to help improve maternal health.

How It Works

  • Collect all your old cell phones (even ones that don’t work). Package them all in a padded envelope and print out this pre-paid shipping label - it’s free! No need to include chargers or accessories.
  • Host a phone drive in your community. Here's a poster you can use for the drive! Get competitive - challenge a nearby group to a conest or throw a party and give a prize to whoever collects the most. 
  • Help spread the word to your friends and family through social media, email newsletters, and other communication channels. Suggested text for Facebook and Twitter is below.

Help get others involved with these social media messages:

Twitter: Ur phone can save lives! Help @everymomcounts @hopephones equip #healthworkers w/mobile tech #everyconnectioncounts

Facebook: Recycle your used cell phone to save lives! I'm helping @everymothercounts and @hopephones equip healthcare workers in developing countries with mobile technology. Shipping is free! Learn more #everyconnectioncounts