Dealing with Stains

05/01/2013 16:49

These are some quick tips for dealing with stains! 


If you have a stain from ink, pens, print, etc...  use rubbing alcohol.  Blot the stain from the reverse side first, place a papertowel or cloth against the stain on the opposite side and blot the stain with the alcohol until stain is gone.  Wash as usual.


If you have a stain from grease or oil, use baking soda, or sweet and lo!  Rub the powder into the stain on both sides of the fabric, it will absorb the grease.  Wash as usual in warm or hot water if fabric permits.


If you have a stain from protien such as meat, blood, etc... use hydrogen peroxide.  (always test fabric first!) and wash in COLD water.