Cory Booker July 5

07/13/2013 17:43

July 5* -  Day 3 of my life as a volunteer .   I showed up for my volunteer duties today in the blazing 90+ degree heat ready to do whatever I could to secure Cory Booker's place in New Jersey's history.  Mayor Booker had not arrived yet to Point Pleasant but we were armed with our clipboards, volunteer signup sheets and "Cory Booker for Senate" stickers.  Our mission:  Canvass the frontline (boardwalk) for new recruits (beachgoers) to join our volunteer army!  I learned today that it is much more difficult to recruit volunteers when Cory Booker and Senator Bill Bradley aren't nearby shaking hands and posing for pictures.  People aren't nearly as impressed with me and my clipboard.  None the less, I forged onwards!  I met a few Republicans who were not very friendly and they exercised no restraint when it came to proclaiming thier political proclivities.  I continued to smile and thank them for their time.  If nothing else, they would know Cory Booker's army was friendly and kind!  I ran into a number of New Yorkers "just visitng" but mostly I ran into people who were not in the mood for politics.  They just wanted to enjoy the beach and/or their ice cream.  After a while of pounding the pavement, or boardwalk as it were, we all reported back to mission headquarters (a table at Jenkinson's)  

Cory Booker's team announced to us that Cory Booker would be arriving momentarily and he would like to have lunch with the volunteers!  Holy crap!  Another meal with Cory Booker! (Now I just need dinner and I will have had the perfect dining trifecta!  Stay tuned!  Goals are good!)  We sat down and shortly thereafter Cory Booker arrived.  Again, like breakfast yesterday, he went around the table and asked each volunteer to share their name and he chatted about their interests, goals and his campaign.  I was glad he met my daughter.  Actually, he started to talk to her about films.  He would need a lot more time to really tap my daughter's brain about films, she is an enormous wealth of information, but also shy.   When we were riding home, she told me all the things she should have told him.   BUT... what was REALLY cool, he asked her to take his cell number and send him some of her short films.  THAT is pretty cool.  

I hope over the course of this election she will have the opportunity to spend some time filming him.  He loves the idea of using short films to foster interest and support. I love the idea of her doing something creative, unique and part of the election process.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!! 

After lunch and much great conversation again, we were sent back out into the field.  I am not much of sales person, but it is fun to speak to people of all walks of life about Cory Booker.  

I have to say, so far, this campaign volunteering gig is pretty awesome.  If you would like to get involved visit!!  

*This entry was modified from its original version.