Cory Booker July 3

07/13/2013 17:40

Cory Booker For Senate Campaign


(My First Journey Into Politics) 

July 3, 2013 - I started off being intriqued so I followed Cory Booker on Twitter a couple years ago.  I loved his tweets.  I kept learning more and more about him.  I learned more about his ideals and actions over the past few years.  I grew to respect and admire him more and more.  He inspires me.  Among other things, Cory Booker inspired me to get involved.

I also saw a Broadway play this Spring.  Ann on Broadway by Holland Taylor.   Ann Richards was the Governor of Texas.  She didn't begin her political career until after her children were grown and she had gone through a divorce.  She was my age and went on to become a part of American history.  Her message was to get involved.  I felt as if she was speaking to me personally. Her message really resonated and stayed with me.  

Tonight I will do something I have never done before.  Tonight I will attend my first ever political campaign volunteer meeting.  I am excited and nervous.  I am nervous I won't be able to deliver as much as they require or expect of a volunteer.  I am excited to be a part of getting Cory Booker elected Senator and making New Jersey an even better place.  

I will chronicle my adventures in campaigning here.  If you are a veteran at campaigning, I would love your insight.  If you have never campaigned, I hope I might inspire you too!