Cory Booker July 13

07/13/2013 18:42

July 13 - Earlier in the week I received an email from my wonderful volunteer coordinator Karly. (I am not sure that is her official title, but that is her job! :)  This weekend they would need volunteers to go out door-to-door.  I am not going to lie, this frightened me a little.  It frightens me a little to even share why.  I don't want to be defined by my limitations.  I am not my limitations.  However, physical activity is not my strong suit.  I have a genetic condition that affects my bones.  I have severe arthritis in every joint in my body.  I also have lived for over 15 years with advanced osteoporosis.  Additionally, I have herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, Fibromyalgia and a few other things going on.  In the last 5 years, I have had 4 surgeries and 5 hospitalization.  Two of the surgeries were hip replacements.  I am incredibly proud that I have been able to get through all of this while taking care of my two children on my own.  What I lack in physical strength, I make up for in resourcefulness and determination. Part of managing my conditions is pacing myself.  I spent a good portion of yesterday just resting.  Thank God I felt ok today.  (somedays, just getting out of bed takes everything I have in me)  Without harping on this too much, even though I felt relatively good today,  I was still really afraid of disappointing the "Cory Booker Team".  I didn't want to be cast aside.  I really want to be able to be of value to this campaign in some way.   I worried that today would be the day I would have to "confess" my limitations.  (I really hate telling people about this.  I am embarrassed by it.)  Would they ask me to leave?  Would they be angry that I had signed up at all? Or worse, would they just write me off and disregard me.  Would I essentially become invisible and worthless?   But...if I don't tell them, will they just think I am lazy and not committed?  UGH!  


When we arrived, Karly was going over the script for the volunteers and going over our assignment.  Each "team" would be given a map and lists of names and addresses to visit.  We had very clear specific instructions and we were expected to spend about 3 hours going door to door.  OMG!  3 hours?  There is no way.  Ugh, I don't want to be the "troublemaker".  Should I just try to do my best and leave it at that?  I decided to privately confess to Karly.  I explained I would do my best but I had "physical limitations".  


Much to my delight, Karly didn't even blink.  Not a moment of disappointment at all, she instantly said  "don't worry about a thing, what ever you can do we appreciate it".  WOW!  I was so relieved and even more excited to contribute in any way I could.  


Luckily, we were able to drive to some destinations and the walking and stair climbing was manageable in small doses.  I went with my daughter (we make a good mother daughter team! She understands my limitations and takes it all in stride)  We spent about 2 hours trying to visit as many homes on our list as we could while also taking breaks as we went along.  Thankfully, the people we met were wonderful.  Everyone was friendly and kind.  


I left today thinking how glad I am that I signed up to do this.  Although I can't contribute as much as some, my contribution is still valued.  It is really rewarding to feel a part of the process, to participate in something I believe in. I believe in Cory Booker.  I believe in our country. Even with all of its flaws, I believe in our government.   I appreciate that I can be vocal and outspoken in my opinions (I have friends in other parts of the world where they do not enjoy these freedoms!)  I am energized and enthusiastic about the opportunities Cory Booker can bring to New Jersey and our country.   My only regret is that I never got involved like this before!  Why did it take me until I was 51 years old to do this?  (I suppose it took the inspiration of Cory Booker to light that fire under me!)


I also left today with enormous pride that I have my daughter at my side for this.  I am so proud that I've able to share this with her. Hopefully we've ignited in her a lifelong passion for getting involved with politics (or anything she believes in).  Obviously, volunteering has always been important to me and my family,  I am glad Cory Booker inspired both of us to get involved with the political process.  


Are you or have you been involved with politics?  

Here is a little snippet of some of the volunteers meeting today.  :)  

Everyone I have met so far has been so wonderful.  I have to say, people who volunteer, are really cool people.  They are also very smart.  It’s been great.  I can not wait for our next meeting during the week.