Blue Man Group NYC

05/30/2013 09:14
Blue Man Group
Blue Man group has been around for some time and has become something of New York staple.  People visit New York, they want to see this unique extravaganza for the senses.  Like a lot of New York staples. locals often miss them.  I guess we figure "we can always go" but never seem to get around to it.  Let me be the one to tell you, do it!  Go now!  
Blue Man group performs nightly at the Astor Place Theater which is located right across the street from the legendary Joe's Pub in the area known as Noho.  There is plenty to do in this neighborhood including shopping, eating and my favorite; people watching.  If you get here early, visit Starbucks at the corner and amuse yourself watching the hippest New Yorkers pass by.  
The Astor Place Theater has a history all its own.  Originally built in 1831, it was one of a row of connected buildings knows as Colonnade Row.  The buildings served as homes to the Astor and Vanderbuilt families.  They are among the oldest buildings in the city.  It was converted to a theater in the early 1960's and has hosted many notable off-Broadway productions.*  It is a very cool space that marries the historical with the hip.  Before you even enter the actual theater, it becomes very obvious that you are in for a performance like no other.  The first clue is the fact that you can buy "Poncho seats"!!  Oh yes, the first rows are all given complimentary ponchos!  If you want to fully experience Blue Man Group, go for the poncho seats!!!  You will be able to take home a very real part of the show!
As for the show is like no other!  You are amused, astounded and entertained.  From that start it is very obvious that the audience is an integral part of the show.  My daughter and I were asked to participate in the show before it even began.  We had so much fun being part of it!  I am not one who generally likes "audience participation" shows but this was different. It was completely entertaining and fun.  I was actually a willing and enthusiastic participant!  
I don't want to give too much away so this is a challenging review to write.  There is a lot of percussion by the Blue Men.  I am very happy to report they are accompanied by a live band (I love live music!) and a lot of props!  There is a lot of topical, current humor.  There is no shortage of grossness (which no doubt is very appealing to all the young boys in the audience!)  It is an intriguing, astounding, amusing, baffling, surprising, shocking, spectacle for all the senses.  Who should go see this?  I brought my 19 year old daughter.  She is a lover of books and theater.  She LOVED it.  While I was watching, I kept thinking how much my 17 year old son and my 79 year old father would enjoy this show.  I think they have created a show that really does appeal to all ages, stages and genders.  As long as you are someone with a sense of humor, who can relax and go along for a ride into the unknown, hilarious and bizarre, you will surely have a great time!
A few things to know: Wear casual clothes.  There is always a chance you may take home part of the show!  Visit the website! They offer all sorts of links, restaurant suggestions and discounts.  I was able to park just down the block from the theater for $20!  This is a great show for kids, just not very young kids.  I would probably wait until your child is about 10 years old.  The production could be overwhelming for a youngster.  Go for the poncho seats!
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