Belmar Pro Surf Competition

09/15/2013 19:07

Every year I go to the Belmar Pro Surf Competition.  It is not necessarily because I am a huge sports enthusiast, but as sports go, this is one of my favorites.  (I like sports that aren't violent.  Surfing, as a sport and a culture, is very peaceful, happy and fun)   I go because I love being at the beach.  I love the party atmosphere with live bands, a vendor village, restaurants, etc.  People are always fun and friendly.  Of course I have to mention the event's announcer - he is AWESOME!  The same dude has been announcing and doing all the play-by-play for the event since I have been going and he is such a character.  He really makes the event.   I also love to go to the Belmar Pro because I love taking pictures. 


Taking pictures at an event like this is a challenge.  There are so many variables to contend with when taking pictures at a surf competition.  Some of the challenges include the light, sun, clouds, the movement of the water, the movement of the surfers (they are FAST)  It can be almost impossible to see them out in the water...even harder to try to see them through a have to set up the frame just right to catch them as they enter the frame and before they are out fo the shot.  Instinctively, there is an urge to follow them with the lens but that only makes for blurry pictures.  So, you have to keep your camera focused and still and get the shot at the perfect moment.  Other issues to contend with are all the other moving parts - like people!  They are walking in and out of your frame constantly.  This year also brought an onslaught of papparazzi.  Had to deal with them popping up every where too.  It's a challenge and I love it!  I also love how beautiful the water is.  I hope you enjoy the photos too! 

Photo Gallery: Belmar Pro Surf Competition

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