American Idol Is No Longer In It To Win It

05/04/2013 09:24



I have to.  I have to go there.  American Idol is losing ground...people are losing interest.  The genre has become so diluted with a marketplace saturated with talent contests.  I get why American Idol has resorted to “stunt casting”.  They hire big name judges to attract the audience.  Unfortunately, having a modicum of popular success does not mean you will be a good judge of others.  Hiring someone who irritates the audience will surely harm the future of the show.

This season we had to endure the horror who is Nicki Minaj.  I am not impressed with her “talent”.  She has had a little pop success.  That does not mean she is at all qualified to judge others or to be entertaining on a television show.

Let’s start with her voice.  Why would anyone think we want to hear that finger-nails-on-a-chalk-board, whiny, nasally, voice twice a week for 15 weeks??  I literally had to mute my tv at times!  There is only so much a person can take.

Then there were her bizarre critiques.  They often made no sense.  She can barely string a complete sentence together.  She comments on the most bizarre aspects of the performer often belittling them with ridiculous names.  I get she was hired to judge but shouldn’t she limit her judgement to their singing?  

She brings minimal experience to the table.  People who sit in judgement should at least have withstood the test of time themselves.  She’s been around a hot minute.  What makes her an expert?  

And then there is her behavior... She is extremely unprofessional.  She showed up late for work!  You can’t show up late for work when your job is a nationally televised LIVE tv show!  She has been seen chewing gum, texting on her phone, walking off set early, etc.  These are the unprofessional behaviors we, the audience, have witnessed.  There are reports of many other unprofessional behaviors noted by the press backstage.  But I think the unprofessional behavior that bothered me the most is the way she regards her co-workers.  She is sitting at a table with serious talent.  The other judges have a wealth of talent and experience to back up their opinions.  What does Nicki M. bring to the table?  A couple years?  The people she is sitting with are her “elders”, the “upper level professionals”, “senior management”...she is a junior player and newbie.  She should be bowing in their greatness!  Instead she is rude, blatantly disrespectful, harsh, argumentative and nasty.  How can anyone be nasty and rude to Keith Urban??  He has got to be the nicest man on the planet!  

I hope they send this ignorant, arrogant little girl on her way and I hope she learns something from this experience.  I can’t wait for the day when she is begging to open for one of the American Idol contestants :)  


Really American Idol?  I think you can do better than THIS! 

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